Sharing Your Extra Skills and Talents With Our Agency

Modelling isn’t just about setting up a portfolio, keeping up to date with the latest modelling news, fashion and trends, and being socially present. There’s more to it than that. This blog will explore some key areas which can benefit a prospective or existing model who is serious about landing gigs. Keep reading to find out more.

We all have skills and talents, whether we’re aware of them or not. Showcasing your abilities can help others to understand what you’re capable of, whilst setting you apart from others in competitive situations such as modelling. Sharing your talents can add a touch of uniqueness and be a personalised journey into who you are.

Models Direct is shining the spotlight on skills and talents as unveiling these could help you positively drive and move your modelling career forward. Some skills and talents might make you question how they could connect with modelling but as we walk through some popular examples, we’ll also provide potential scenarios that could match them in the modelling world based on our 30-year plus experience as a reputable modelling agency. Let’s take a look!

Some key skills you could let an agency know about are:

Public Speaking

Whilst most people might shy away from speaking in front of others, maybe you don’t. Maybe you thrive on communicating with an audience with presentations. If you do, let us know. We might be placed with assignments that might mean pitching in front of a live audience.

Sales Skills

Can you drive a successful sale with your persuasive abilities? Maybe you have a knack for selling products or services as a sales pro. If this is you, you might be put forward for promotional work out in public to help make a brand visible and instigate serious sales.

Customer Service Skills

If you’re a wizard at providing awesome service and taking into consideration customer needs, then this skill is one that our agency would love to know about. With this, you might be cast in a TV ad, reading a dialogue that demonstrates good customer service skills, and because you’re already a pro, it’ll translate more naturally on screen with you!

Knowing a Foreign Language

Being able to speak, write, read and understand another language is an excellent skill to possess. A client may select you to read dialogue or engage in conversation with others in a particular language that you’re proficient in.

Ride a Motorbike

With the know-how of riding a motorbike, we’d like to know as some clients have approached us with scenarios that involve riding this vehicle for filming or an action photo shoot. If you’re one of the 1.34 million people with a registered motorcycle in Great Britain, then don’t forget to inform us!

Now moving on to hidden talents. Here are some examples that you might have that we’d love to learn about.

Musical Talent

Whether this is playing an instrument, singing, composing music, or dancing, could be any of the four or all of them, why not let our agency know? You might be booked to showcase one or all of your musical skills for campaigns.

Artistic Skills

The ability to draw, paint, or create visually appealing art is another skill you might enjoy exploring. If it is, let our team know as you might be booked for a creative adventure using your artistic skills.

Cookery Skills

If you love cooking and whipping up great meals and treats, then enjoy your talent with us! You might be put forward for food photoshoots, or perhaps TV ads.

Martial Arts

Are you skilled in a division of self-defence? Karate? Jiu-jitsu? Judo? Whichever one you’ve mastered or are quite skilled in, again, let us know.

You might have some magic tricks up your sleeve, be into sports, know how to do the best impersonations or connect with animals well. Whatever hidden gems you have, let us know because we’re interested in widening your chances of being booked by clients!