How do model bookings happen?

This is a simple process with three key components: models, clients, and our booking team.

We’ve always been keen to explain how bookings happen, from pre-booking to receiving feedback post-assignment. It’s our responsibility as an agency abiding by statutory government regulations to be as transparent as possible. This includes how our agency fees are processed to what models can expect on assignment.

 We’ve also reiterated a key point that still needs to be emphasised: Whilst we’re experts at knowing what kinds of models our clients are looking for, the clients has always – and will continue to – make the final decision. It could be one model, it may be a family, it could be a whole group for a particularly large booking. Whichever client approached with their briefs, it’s always their final decision.

Apologies if you already knew that, but we can’t repeat it often enough.  

Model bookings happen in the first instance with demand. As the largest and most trusted commercial modelling employment agency in Europe, we don’t really need to “peddle our wares”. Nor would we want to. Demand for real models hasn’t dwindled since we first started in 1990, and in fact has steadily increased. That’s why models registered with us should always keep the faith and find new ways of impressing and our thousands of clients by regularly keeping portfolio pictures and reels updated. The demand for you is there, and it always has been.

After we receive requests for models from our clients, our team kicks into gear. A request / brief could be for any model of any age, depending on the client’s needs. We have thousands of clients who all have different modelling needs – another reason why our rota of models needs to be diverse.

Then what? Our job is to take each brief and put ourselves in the client’s shoes. The question we ask ourselves is: What are they really looking for? Our team looks through the profiles of all relevant models and presents them to our clients. In this way, we present to them a kind of short-list from which they pick the models they’d like to offer the role.

Models need to know that if they are not selected, it’s often no reflection of themselves or their looks. We wouldn’t read a client’s brief for a “male 20-20 year old model for a photo shoot in the West Midlands” and ask our clients to choose from models in their late teens who live in Scotland. Competition is fierce, which reiterates that the commercial modelling industry is in good shape.   

Similarly, models should know we’re a nationwide agency. We don’t just represent models from a restricted catchment area. Whilst we appreciate that some models love travelling, we also understand that there are plenty of people who want to excel at modelling who live in all corners of the UK, but prefer to work more locally. Our clients are based all around the country, so this helps all models find their perfect jobs no matter where they live.  

Ultimately, a model can chose to accept a job if selected. They can decline a job offer, which won’t at all diminish their chances of being put forward again. If it’s not right for them, then it’s their decision.

It just means our team are even hungrier to find an opening that ticks all the right boxes!