Baby Models: A Cute Addition to Our Models Direct Family

Who doesn’t love babies? They’re oh-so-sweet little darlings that we just want to protect, cuddle and share special moments with all the time! They’re our future, and in them are our hopes and dreams, to see them grow to be healthy, happy and successful humans.

Their success starts from the very beginning with all those amazing milestones they achieve – their first smile, the first time they sit unattended, their first steps – their first in every aspect of their growth and development. It’s quite mind-blowing how much a small human can accomplish in a short frame of time when you come to think of it. These achievements are usually accompanied by the speedy clicking of a smartphone camera and then shared amongst friends and family to join in with all those precious first milestones together.

Broadening milestone successes

Babies’ successes can extend outside the typical realm of growing up. How? Well, we’re sure parents, guardians, friends and passersby have cooed over your little one telling you just how gorgeous they are. Baby pics that you’ve sent across social media platforms have had plenty of likes and sweet comments about how photogenic they are and how they could be a model when they’re older. Well, guess what? How about being a model right now as well as in the future? Why wait?

But you’re thinking, “Hang on, how can that happen?” Well, you might be surprised to learn that yes, this happens, not just as seasonal work but all year round with our agency, Models Direct. We have little babes who are added to our modelling system ready for assignments every day!

What kind of assignments are there?

The assignments that come through our doors are vast – we have editorial photoshoots and promotional filming for marketing and advertising purposes covering all sectors of industries. We even have live shows and events that our models attend for those of you who have older children or are interested in yourself or even someone you know.

Our clients range from larger brands such as Pampers and Mamas & Papas through to smaller, niche brands that are startups or family-run businesses giving our models and their families experience across the board.

What are our expectations?

We have none – we bet you’re even more surprised now! We don’t request any requirements, just that your little one is a newborn up to the age of two, and that they have a calm temperament. Naturally, they’ll have a camera, lights and people focusing on them amongst some chatter and commotion (but nothing too abrupt, don’t worry). Production teams are very aware of how to conduct an on-set photoshoot or filming especially when they have a tiny tot to work with.

What should your expectations be?

Professionalism, strong communication and high-quality support from our end. We pride ourselves on offering the best to our models so that they enjoy working with us. From our clients, you can expect the same. They’ve worked with many models so we can guarantee that they’re understanding and patient especially if you’re nervous, and even if it is their first time hiring a model, they’ll be in communication with us as part of their marketing team too.

In demand babies

The demand for the baby industry hasn’t slowed down by any means. It’s soaring high and if you have a newborn or little one, or know someone who does, why not tell them about us? Our registration process is super easy and one of our dedicated modelling coordinators will be in touch to let you know about the next steps.