Festive Modelling On Ice

Had a fantastic time once again working with Models Direct! Out of all the years I have been modelling, I have never skated for a shoot and for such a brilliant shopping centre! Looking forward to the next one!”Tyler

Models Direct were delighted to send models and Ice Skaters Tyler, Amy, Naomi, Joseph and Chloe for a very skilled shoot at BlueWater Shopping Centre last week.

The models were dressed by stylists from Topshop and had their make up done by House of Fraser Make Up Artists!

Once ready the Models Direct team heard that the models were met by the photography team and fantastic direction was given so the models could be photographed while showing off their skills on the ice! All the models are experienced Ice Skaters, this is something that was requested by the client from the beginning –  additional skills as a model are always useful.

Check out this behind the scenes video of our skaters!

Models Direct’s models reviews of the assignment below:

Model Fee: £200

Had a fantastic day yesterday it’s my first assignment I have been given, I was a little nervous but the day was amazing! my make up and clothes were perfect. Everyone was so polite and made sure we all had what we needed. I had a really fun day and met some amazing people.” – Amy


Hi guys!!
I just wanted to say a huge thanks for such an incredible day. I enjoyed myself so much!! as this is my first proper modeling job/shoot I could not have asked for a more lovely and kind, caring and really bubbly, smiley team. The photographer’s were really clear and understandable which is always great and the whole set up and organization was very welcoming and very professional. I can’t wait to have more work with you and to go ahead and gradually build up my modeling career.
With Very Many thanks.
Lots Of Love, Naomi Eleanor! Xx


Had a really fun day, spent all day shooting for Bluewater on the ice rink. Amazing people and everyone was so professional. Can’t wait to do it all again!
Waking up at 3 in the morning to catch the bus just to find out it has been delayed!
Ended up being 40 minutes late but everyone made me feel welcome and not to worry about it. Went for a walk over to Topshop to find out our outfits! Loved the styles of the outfits I was given. Made me open my eyes and go for colours I wouldn’t usually go for.
The ice rink itself was such fun to skate on, with the Christmas tree in the middle making it an amazing background.” – Joseph

Yesterday, myself and 4 other lucky models were asked to take part in an ice skating photo shoot at Bluewater Shopping Centre down in Dartford.
After a warm welcome from the team, we were treated to getting our make up done by House of Fraser and had the personal stylists from Oasis and Topshop dress us.
The day could not have gone any more perfectly. I met some amazing people and Charlie at Models Direct organised everything so smoothly and was extremely helpful. The crew on the day were also extremely attentive.
This is my third project with Models Direct, I had such a great time and can’t wait for the next one!
Thanks for everything guys.” – Chloe