The Power of Self-Belief

Here at our UK agency, Models Direct, we believe that everyone has the power to do anything if you believe in yourself. For all our models, we’re sure that most of you didn’t believe that a modelling career could transpire into something incredible. But it did with your power of self-belief. You may or may not have been aware of this but having a focused viewpoint has helped build your modelling career with us this far.

Life is an interesting journey and you can make it what it is by having faith in your abilities and dreams. It’s not always plain sailing though because there might be points where you’ll get sidetracked or self-doubt starts to creep in.

Those procrastinating thoughts and remembering past attempts might start swirling around and they’re not so easy to shake off. 

Or you’ll experience peaks and troughs along the way, challenges and obstacles you’ll have to navigate your way around to get through to the other side.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how the power of self-belief can help set you up for small and big successes in your life, and how you can be a model – not just a one-hit wonder but have a long-term fulfilling career.

Why is having self-belief important?

When we think of self-belief, it might be having confidence in yourself, and while this is true, it doesn’t just stop there. It’s a deep-rooted belief system that shapes who you are – your thoughts, your actions and their outcomes. The great thing is, that having goals and a vision of where you want to see yourself, in a week, a month or by the end of the year gives you a target to reach and having the magic of self-belief can accelerate this. You’ll also embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn who you are and how you handle change.

Having self-belief means you can be:






Feel empowered

It doesn’t come naturally to everyone though, and the process can take a lot of conscientious effort to bring to fruition. If you’re looking to become a model, it might feel like you’re out of your depth and a big win won’t happen for you.

So how can you instil self-belief? 

Positive affirmations

Switch those negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs with positive ones. Write them down on post-it notes, log them into your phone, and maybe have a personalised positive quote you’ve composed as your screen saver so whenever you look at your phone, it’s there! Another great thing is to say it out loud. In the mirror or just to yourself in your personal space.

Our agency knows how important this point is for models. Set yourself time in the day to dedicate this to yourself.

Set realistic goals

Don’t overwhelm yourself with the thought of setting goals. They can start as manageable bite-sized chunks and work up to more challenging ones. Remember to reward yourself along the way and recognise your achievements.

Whether you’re a teen, adult or senior model, setting goals will help you keep focused and make successes tangible.

Be around supportive individuals

When you’ve got people rooting for you and encouraging you to succeed, a supportive system will help instil self-belief and increase your confidence in yourself. They’ll suggest, advise and support you along the way on how to voyage across time and achieve positive outcomes.

It doesn’t matter what your age is – if you’ve got a child model, teen model or if you’re a model in your later years – having words of encouragement and praise will always add to your self-belief system.

Read or watch documentaries about successful people

Is there anyone famous you’d like to know more about? Reading someone’s life story or watching about it might help expand your mindset and help you to understand their journey, challenges, setbacks and accomplishments leading you to question how you can action the same positivity and resilience in your life.

And there you have it! Prospective models and fully fledged models, we hope this blog has helped remind you to have self-belief in your abilities and skills. Good luck and we hope that you continue to enjoy working with our MD team who also have the self-belief that you’ll be matched to top-tier clients and create amazing campaigns.