Embrace the real model in you

By definition, fashions change.

This is because people change, and companies need to adapt to stay in business. What if retailers – whether online or in the high streets – sold pretty much the same merchandise. Big mistake!

Every large manufacturer has departments dedicated to looking for the “next big thing” or styles that customers need. It’s their responsibility to look ahead, and not to be left behind by competitors. This not only applies in the world of fashion: supermarkets, car manufacturers and record companies (to name just a few) need to have their corporate finger on the pulse. But perhaps the clearest of “fashion evolution” can be seen in the modelling world. After all, not everyone needs a new car or the latest CD / DVD. We all need clothes!

One of the most globally-observed changes in recent trends are seen in “plus size” models. Models of either sex in the “plus size” category have been in demand for years – but it’s only relatively recently that they’ve really come into their own. Now, above all, “plus size” models are in demand…and their popularity shows no sign of wavering. This is good news, but why have they become more popular with clients looking for models?    

To start with, let’s eliminate the inverted commas when referring to plus size models. It’s true that there’s a universal definition (and so inverted commas are sometimes necessary to define the term), but larger models are no different to any other, and therefore shouldn’t be distinct by applying provocative punctuation marks.

Though the term is still used, plus size modelling carries no stigma, and is about celebrating all body forms and sizes. Have a look in shop windows, in department stores, at TV adverts and on corporate websites – there’s far more choice for females of size 16 or larger than ever, and more shapely models are flourishing because of it.

Let’s not forget the gents. Larger males are also desirable for a range of advertising purposes. The fact that there are more clothing sizes and styles on the market means more models are necessary to help endorse products for everyone – not just a select few dictated by trends.    

Brands need to “go with the times”, and Internet activity is a huge indication of current trends. One of the reasons larger models are now more in demand is because of the surge of social media attention. There are more celebrities with tens of thousands of followers eager to share their habits, interests and gorgeous curves, unconcerned with personal attack or immature criticism. They should be applauded! More people who choose to display their bodies undoubtedly equates to an increase in confidence in others. Curvy figures are far more prevalent in the media these days because people feel more conviction in their actions. Embracing who you are is key to being comfortable. And so it should be!

2020 has been a successful year for models, contradicting the national economic trend. If you want to show off your curves but haven’t done so already, 2021 could be your time to actively be involved in this lucrative and enjoyable side of modelling – and Models Direct will be with you every step of the way. If you’re already a plus size model, continue embracing the plus size movement. It works!