What Type of Modelling Work Can I Expect?

When you sign up with Models Direct, you can expect to be put forward for an array of work whenever you look is called for. It can depend on what type of work our clients are offering and which models they select. This blog will give you a lowdown on what to expect should you be top of the pack and picked for a modelling gig. The countdown to our top five types of modelling work begins right here. Let’s go!

Commercial modelling

As the name suggests, commercial modelling is all about commercially focused material involving models. If you haven’t noticed, you’re seeing more ads than ever before (sometimes this isn’t a good thing, particularly for young children and people) but we’re looking at the positive ones. Think of all the stuff that pops up on your phone while you’re using your devices. Say, your email, weather or shopping app, or whilst you listening to the radio, during an ad break on TV or the trailers before a movie at the cinema. Sometimes it feels like the ads run longer than the program or film itself! However, one thing these ads present is models. This modelling niche encompasses all industries covering a multitude of products and services, and who better showcase this than professional models?

Promotional modelling

When it comes to presenting brands, products and services, sometimes in real-time, you’ll be tapping into promotional marketing. Models are used to promote lots of things – live in public, recorded videos, podcasts, and live TV (which brings us to our next type of modelling work).

Film/TV modelling

When the movie camera rolls, it’s time to capture another side of modelling. Models can land small gigs (like a cameo in a movie or music video) or large-scale work (such as a memorable 15, 30 or 60-second ad), depending on what clients are seeking. This realm of the modelling world exists and it’s real. Could you be the next film or TV model?

Catalogue modelling

You’ve probably had a catalogue in your hands and flicked through the pages at one point or another. Whether it’s in print or gone to the digital side, catalogues present models so that they can showcase their products and services to help businesses reach their target audience. This type of modelling doesn’t have strict criteria that models must fulfil. It’s an easy-going modelling division where no barriers are experienced, unlike runway models.

Fitting model

When clothing companies and fashion houses need to design and create their fashion range, a fitting model will step in to help. Statement pieces will be created using the model’s body shape and designed so that it fits them which can make their vision a reality. Fitting models come in all shapes and sizes so that brands can generate clothing that will fit

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