What sort of modelling pictures would like to see of my pet?

Gorgeous ones that show him or her off at their very best!

Many of us have cats, dogs, rabbits – even hamsters, guinea pigs and perhaps ponies (!) that we think could be star pets, but getting the right photographs is essential.

Here are our top tips to ensure that the images you send us are the ones that are likely to help bring in the work for your pet model.

1 Wait for your pet to be in a good mood before conducting the shoot. Make sure he or she is well rested, well fed and ready to have some fun. If your pet is tired, hungry and grumpy, then the star pet qualities might not shine through!

2 Check your pet is looking his or her best. If they have fur, given them a good brush to remove any loose hair and tidy them up a bit. Clean their eyes, check their paws, claws or feet and make sure their teeth are looking good if they are likely to show.

3 Find a nice, quiet place to conduct your shoot in. Your pet may well be agitated if there are too many people around or if there is too much noise. You want them to be calm, well behaved and ready to respond in the way you need them to for your shoot.

4 Keep backgrounds uncluttered so we can clearly see your pet within the setting. Studio-style shots against a plan background are always great, but we would also like to see your beautiful bunny on leafy green grass and your pup playing happily in the woods, for example.

5 Let’s have some nice still model poses and some action shots as well! We’d love to see your cute kitten chasing a piece of wool or your puppy playing with a ball. Again, just make sure we can see his or her face clearly.

6 You can take your pictures on your phone but make sure they are high resolution and that you do not compress them or make them smaller when you save, upload or send them. If you do, they could end up blurred or pixelated. We need your pet pictures to be sharp and clear.

7 Please send us colour photographs but please don’t put them through any filters or edit them in any way. We need to see you star pet as he or she really looks.

8 Finally, have fun with your photo shoot. Putting your pet forward for modelling needs to be fun for both you and your lovely bundle of fur. While we need you to ensure your photographs show all the creature features we need to see, we also want you and your perfect pup or cute kitten to have a good time.