Pet Modelling

Who doesn’t love animals? Hands up, please! If you don’t, this page is not for you, I’m afraid. If you are – welcome. Models Direct are covering four of the most commonly asked pet modelling questions there are, taking the centre stage in the industry at the moment. Whether your pet squeaks, barks, meows, hisses or baas, they can get a professional job too – they can become, drum roll, a pet model. Let’s kick-start our Q&A!

Star pet rabbit on paid booking for Coco and Eve

How much does a pet model make?

Great question to start off with, and the answer is, anything ranging from under £100 to over £1000, we kid you not! Naturally, the remuneration is dependent on the company, location, duration and amount of hours put in each day but our pet models get paid handsomely. What’s more, they do just as well as their human counterparts, so all the more reason to climb onto the pet modelling ladder and earn some extra (much needed) money.

How do you get your pet into modelling?

…with Models Direct’s help, or you could go rouge. It’s up to you but we want you to know that such an agency does exist that cares for our models and ensures that they’re put forward for work whenever an opportunity arises. We aren’t a showcase agency where we simply just display your pet’s gorgeous images across our social media and marketing platforms. We do the hard graft and actively seek out chances which will increase our models’ modelling work. So take the first step by registering with a reputable agency who know all the right ways of breaking into the industry.

Get your pet camera-ready so, if they have the capacity, that they’re aware of a lens pointing at them or that you’re occupied holding your phone or camera in your hands. The images you capture will make a fine portfolio for clients to enjoy viewing. You might also want to expose them to new surroundings where there’s more hubbub than they’re used to, much like how a potential studio or outdoor set will be.

Star pet dog model on paid booking for Gtech

How much can a puppy model make?

Lots! Cute puppy models can earn a good amount on an assignment. Modelling is a great supplementary part time occupation that can have your bank balance increasing generously. If you want exact figures, you’re looking at anywhere from under £100 to over a grand. Yes, really! Animals are magnificent creatures and young dogs can certainly create excellent marketing campaigns for rising and leading brands.

Do dogs get paid for modelling?

Models Direct Star Pet Dog model on paid booking for John Lewis

Definitely! How could they not? This amazing species are our four-legged companions we wouldn’t want to share life without. According to PDSA, this year, 52% of UK adults own a pet and 27% of those have a dog, with an estimated population of 10.2 million pet dogs. Wow! So, with how important they are in our human world, they’re also important in the marketing world. Companies will be needing dogs as pet models which means they’ll definitely get paid for their time and cuteness.

If you’ve got any more questions you’d like to ask our team, get in touch and we’re more than happy to answer them for you.