Newborns – What Types of Assignments Are They Booked For?

Our agency is proud to include newborn babies in our modelling world. After all, who honestly doesn’t think babies are the sweetest, precious, little beings? So, naturally, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity of having little ones join our team of many other modelling divisions – believe us, there are a lot!

Newborn babies welcome the world with a new life and tremendous spirit. Companies looking out for models to star in their marketing campaigns sometimes turn to newborns to feature in their ads to stir emotion and build connections with their target audience. But enough about the theoretical viewpoint behind why newborns are needed in ads, we will be focusing on what types of assignments newborns are booked for. This will give those of you reading this who aren’t too familiar with this industry, some idea about what work could mean for your bundle of joy if you’re looking to enter the modelling industry. 

Well, there’s no surprise that this market is staggeringly huge. There are lots of products on the market that are aimed at newborn babies and their families, and it isn’t all about nappies and baby formula. Our team has had jobs booked for our newborn talent over the 30 years we have been active as a talent management agency. We have had many requests for newborns to be featured in various campaigns, one being where a production company was searching for a newborn girl, preferably premature, for a six-part drama series.

Newborns are put forward to promote everything from baby skincare to being featured as TV and film extras, promotional work and commercial campaigns. The assortment of work is vast and a great way for little ones to start a career. After you’ve read this, we’re sure you’ll start to spot newborns on the silver screen, online or in print in your everyday life and we’re pretty sure that most would have been cast by clients as the face of their campaigns. 

If you wish to go ahead and carve a career for your newborn as a model, with Models Direct you will be in complete control when accepting work for your bundle of joy. We ensure our models and families are thoroughly informed about the work beforehand and what it entails – the client’s vision, work involved, location, duration, accommodation (if required) and so on. We’re a well organised agency and intend to keep all our models, their families and friends happy coming away from each experience with positive vibes, confidence and enthusiasm. Not to forget that travel and expenses are reimbursed and of course, you will be paid for your lovely baby’s talent and time. 

Have a think about it – if you have a newborn, new tiny faces are always welcome and wanted – and they don’t come much newer than newborns! Have a chat with our team, apply and scroll through our website, blogs and social media platforms to discover more about the world of newborn baby modelling. Who knows what doors and opportunities will open for your newborn!