Saying it with flowers at Morrisons in Cambridge!

Our modelling mother-and-son duo Kristina and Storm proved themselves to be prize blooms when they took part in a photo shoot at a major UK supermarket in Cambridge.

Yes, our colourful pair stepped out in front of the camera at Morrisons in the city to help mark Mother’s Day and promote the fabulous British flowers the retailer sells.

This company’s campaign was also to highlight its pledge to sell only UK-grown tulips.

And, indeed, it predicted that some 1.2 million of the attractive blooms, which have tended to come from the Netherlands, would be snapped up by eager sons and daughters.

Young Storm really blossomed when he posed as a child giving flowers to his mother.

As one of our fabulous child models, he also enjoys family modelling with his mum!

And, of course, Kristina was also the pick of the bunch and revealed her natural beauty as she smiled at receiving such a gorgeous bouquet.

Models Direct is renowned for the work it does in supplying leading stores and supermarkets with models for advertisements and promotions.

And, of course, some of those include businesses that have a base right here in Cambridge.

Among our clients are the likes of Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis, as well as Next and Holland & Barrett.

They come to us with their requests for models of certain ages and looks and we sift through the e-portfolios of those on our books to find a selection of people who fit the bill.

We then send some of these to the client and they make the final choice.

From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day and Easter to Christmas, there is, of course, always an occasion to mark and we are always being approached for models to take part.

This time, it was the turn of our genuine mother-and-son modelling pair and as a result they earned a little extra money and had a fun day out together.

The final photos taken in Cambridge – showing Kristina with a member of staff from Morrisons, and Kristina and Storm together – have appeared in a range of publications and online.

After taking part, Kristina told us:

“It all went well – and it was great fun working with my son again.

“Thanks so much for the opportunity!”

If you are interested in becoming one of our Cambridge models and taking part in a shoot like this, why not read some of the reviews from our other models?

Then, fill in our form, send us a picture of yourself and we will be in touch to explain more about how Models Direct works.