Earth-Friendly Beauty Products for a Sustainable Future

We’ve been learning how plastic pollution has been filling up landfills – or indeed the ocean – and how chemicals going down the drain have been destroying marine life. So, we’re taking positive steps to be eco-friendly and earth conscious about the carbon footprint we’re leaving behind. It’s all about reusing and not just a one-time only approach any longer.

female model with beauty products
Female model

The beauty industry has been bringing up to speed some excellent ways to incorporate a sustainable approach so that we try and put a stop to causing more damage to our vulnerable and precious world. Here are some great sustainable swaps our Models Direct team would like to headline, and if you have any of our own, DM us to let us know!

Swap face wipes for a face cloth

This is a really obvious one, we know, but a tip we’ve placed at the top spot. We admit, wipes have been a handy concept. You use one, chuck it away, and move onto the next – they’re cheap and disposable. But we’ve either been flushing them (a big no no, as they’ll block our loos) or binning around 11 billion wet wipes every year! We’re as shocked as you are reading this stat and the problem is, it can take up to 100 years to biodegrade. So, imagine all those wipes piled up in the landfill, just hanging around when we could be switching to something much more environmentally friendly.

One of the best options is to use a facecloth instead. You can bung it in the wash and use it again and again instead of going through packets of wipes. They’ll last a longer time, and you’ll be doing the environment a huge favour!

Swap plastic bottled shampoos and conditioners for solid bars

Another way of taking care of our world is to reduce the plastic waste because it can take up to 500 years to fully decompose. A 2020 study has highlighted that the UK annually throws away an average of 520 million shampoo bottles! These stats are really alarming.

female model, beauty
Female model

So why not use a solid bar instead? We’ve been looking at what’s on the market and on average a 50g-55g bar can lather up into 80 washes equivalent to around two 250ml plastic bottles of regular liquid shampoo. A little bar goes a seriously long way, so imagine all the plastic bottles you’ll be saving the environment from when you’ve become an earth-friendly hero who loves a shampoo bar.

Recycling bathroom bin

Okay, so we gotta admit that this is another obvious tip, but we have to give it a mention. We’re doing good with recycling, where just over half of UK households (52%) express that they’ve been recycling more in the past year. However, according to WRAP, it’s been reported that 55% are still throwing away recyclable items. It’s a slow and steady progress nonetheless and if we keep it at, the positive stats will increase.

Extending from the beauty items, we need to mirror our bathroom items the same way. Purchasing a recycling bathroom bin is a great way of reminding yourself to sort and recycle. There are lots of great items on the market including dual bins to help make recycling easier and cutting out the faff. A great method for sorting out your unwanted beauty products too!

Recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging

Have you heard of PCR – post consumer recycled plastic? Well, brands are really hooking onto this by creating packing out of virgin plastic. Major brands have introduced 100% recycled plastic bottles and 100% PCR plastic such as Dove and Aveda. Drop off points have also been allocated for used beauty packages to be given in.

Models Direct hope you’ve found some eco warrior inspo from this blog. If we all make a start somewhere to actively think about our beauty buying habits and think about the longer-term effect on our environment, we can collectively make a massive positive impact.