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Modelling in your 70s

How many industries can you name that have similar opportunities for young and older alike? Not many, huh? If you’ve been keeping a beady eye on the commercial modelling trends, you’ll undoubtedly know that there are hundreds of assignments available for everyone with talent and commitment – no matter a model’s age.

Models Direct Mature model on set
Models Direct ature model on set in France

Note that we used the word “older”. This is important for two reasons. 1) Obviously not everyone is the same age, so there are indeed plenty of models older than others. 2) Less evidently, “older” models are just as appreciated and valuable as younger ones, so we refer to older individuals as “mature models” as opposed to “old models”.

Does “mature” mean models with more experience? Undoubtedly there are some older models with more familiarity in commercial modelling, but that doesn’t mean that a teenage model will inevitably have fewer assignments under their belts than their older counterparts. This is because of one reason, and it’s a reason why anyone interested in modelling needs to know: experience is not required!

Mature models, like toddlers and teens, have a specific function in modelling jobs. They can only be used by our clients to appeal to people with comparable ages. Age really is no barrier. Quite the opposite – it can be a gate which allows those wishing to work as models to gain more insight into modelling, and to be represented by us in more modelling jobs than you’d think. Well, if you take a peak at our extensive client list, it’ll be apparent that the number of opportunities is – and always has been – high for all models of every age. Have a look at our client list

Models Direct mature models on set for NHS photoshoot
Models Direct mature models on set for NHS photoshoot

See what we mean?

Oh, and the demand for 70 year-old models has steadily increased during recent times. Those of you who consider yourselves to be in your “twilight years” could soon find success and friendship in your later golden years as a model. It’s fun, well-paid, and you’re under no obligation to accept an assignment if our wonderful team put your name forward.

So, there’s really no excuse for 70 year-olds to give modelling a whirl, and there’s no better time than now. We provide modelling assignments all around the country, so we’re one of the most accommodating agencies around.
Also, models can use us to find part-time work if they’re in retirement. Keeping busy is an important factor for retired individuals, and we reckon that the occasional modelling job is the perfect antidote for boredom!

How late is too late? That’s not even on the radar when it comes to mature models. The substantial demand for 70 year+ models means we’re in the best position to offer exciting modelling work for those on our books.

So, if you’re a mature person with aspirations of showing off your talents alongside industry professionals, get in touch with us and see for yourself what we can do for you. The first step is filling out our straightforward application:

Being in your 70s can open plenty of doors into the world of commercial modelling. Apply with us and we’ll do our best to place you with some of the most famous brands out there.