Become a Fit Model: Male Modelling Must-Read

It’s interesting to know that when you see apparel showcased in stores, they have gone through a rigorous design process turning from a designer’s dream into reality… 

Not to be mistaken for a fitness model who models sportswear and is associated with anything to do with fitness, health and wellbeing, fit models try and test garments for a target market.

Being this type of model doesn’t give you as much exposure as a runway, commercial or promotional model would but it’s certainly a satisfying one. Knowing that you’re helping a team achieve a fashion goal and an end product that will end up in a store and eventually in someone’s closet is definitely fulfilling. 

In this blog, we focus on male fit models as the spotlight usually shines on female models. Models Direct want our male audience to know that there is a demand for anyone interested in being a behind-the-scenes model. Here are some areas to consider if you’re thinking of being a fit model. 

Are industry-standard measurements important? 

Yes and no – it depends on what the client requires. They might call for a male model who is tall, petite, standard or plus-size. Don’t let the typical male model measurements put you off or make you think that you don’t stand a chance. On the contrary, get in touch with our Models Direct team today so that we can discuss the demand for a male fit model. We have clients who need a man who can try on their clothing and see how it fits on a real person as opposed to a mannequin. 

Being physically and mentally fit

Designers may want you to stand for long durations of time so that they can focus on creating a garment just right for your body. They may want to pin, cut, pull and mould the apparel so that it fits well – and this may take some time getting right. Therefore, being physically and mentally fit is a bonus. 

Body shy?

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Are you okay with getting dressed in front of other people? If you answered yes, then you probably don’t feel body shy… which is perfect. Fit models will be asked to change into and out of clothes so that designers can get an idea of how easily their design can be put on and taken off by you. You’ll represent their potential customer so they will probably expect you to change frequently whilst really investigating the mechanisms of their clothing. Therefore, being a fit model means no time for being body shy. 

Being vocal

Designers may want your feedback on how the apparel feels and fits, and whether you can easily manoeuvre in it. Its functionality is paramount to its success so if you are asked your thoughts, you will need to be vocal and let the designers know as precisely as possible. If you think that there is room for improvement or something doesn’t fit right, they should know so that they can rectify the issue and create a piece that will do well with their target market.  

Get in touch with a reputable scouting agency

If you’re thinking of launching a career as a fit model, you’ll need to get in touch with a trustworthy modelling agency who will put you forward whenever an opportunity pops up and is promising. Models Direct is certainly an agency who is reliable and reputable with 30 years’ worth of modelling experience. Connect with us and we’ll give you the lowdown on fit modelling.