A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Male Model

The modelling industry has had women at the forefront, dominating the scene for many years..

When you focus on female models, you usually think of iconic and influential females such as Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. However, male models are creating a strong foundation for men to enter the world of modelling, thrive and be successful. Famous male models such as David Gandy and Tyson Beckford have become icons taking the industry by storm. They show hopefuls and existing models that it can be done – a male model can be just as recognised as their female counterpart on a global scale, cast for many projects and become a huge success. 

If you’re reading this blog or have someone in mind that you think would make a perfect male model, carry on reading to find out Models Direct’s advice on how to become a male model (and not just any model – a successful one!).

No need for professional photos

Take it from us – a top UK modelling agency who specialise in all modelling categories – when we say you don’t need professional images to break into the industry, we mean it. All you need are some simple snaps of yourself which are clear, fresh straightforward without any gimmicks such as filters. Save your money and take the time to create something agencies and clients would like to see. If you want to go ahead and break into commercial modelling, you’ll need varied shots demonstrating your ability to show different emotions. 

Age is not a limitation 

Modelling comes in all ages; there’s no notion of male models having to fit into a particular age bracket. The population is diverse and modelling caters to this variation, embracing everyone as they are the true representation of society. Therefore, if you think your age is going to pull you back…think again!

Age is not a limitation…nor is height 

Not everyone can conform to the typical fashion or runway model requirements, that’s what makes us all unique. Becoming a male model doesn’t mean you have to be super tall and have a mean six-pack. The traditional look has now made way for a truer reflection of the male body – men of all sizes. Plus-size male models are now at the centre stage of fashion campaigns as the male population requires products and services according to their needs and requirements.

Check out our blog here to find out more: https://www.modelsdirect.com/blog/gain-exposure-with-our-plus-size-male-model-agency

Showcase your unique features

Everyone is unique and has something special about them that the camera will be drawn to and thrive on. For any male newcomers out there, do you have a trademark look, facial or body characteristics that agencies will love to see? Rather than thinking of unique features as flaws, look at them being advantageous. Shaun Ross is an excellent example of a male model who is rocking his look and not letting anyone hold him back. 

Having a quirky look doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful or marketable. So guys, showcase your talent – something you know that’ll make you stand out from everyone else – and let agencies know about your unique features.  

Join a reliable modelling agency

You will need a trustworthy and reliable modelling agency who will put you forward every time a job comes that calls for your look. Because male modelling doesn’t have as much booking as females do, you will want your agency to be on top of every potential lead ensuring that you are called when the time comes. 

So, there you have it – your beginner’s guide to male modelling. If you’d like to join our expert agency, with 30 years of modelling experience, fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch.