The Low Down on Female Modelling

All you need to know to be a female model..

Models Direct have been representing female models for 30 years now…we’ve seen that this modelling category continues to be in high demand where our extensive client database frequently call for women to model for their marketing campaigns. 

Models Direct have been finding work for our amazing models in photographic, promotional, fashion, advertising, film and TV jobs. When you see females representing a brand or organisation on print or digital, the chances are that their look has been called for by a client and they have been selected by a modelling agency.

This is exactly what we do at Models Direct!

Female models work on a daily basis promoting brands and products, big and small, for local and worldwide audiences. Our modelling talent feature and represent plenty of industries including hair and beauty, fashion, travel and tourism, fitness and wellbeing, lifestyle, business, education and lots more. 

When opening the pages of a magazine, catalogue, booklet, pamphlet, leaflet or any other type of print, you are bound to see a female model who has been pictured (or filmed, just to add). The goal is to promote a product or service aiming to engage and build a connection with the target audience. Think of all the adverts you have seen which have been memorable to you; the ones that stick in your mind with a female model representing the brand. Olay? Pandora? TUI? There are lots out there therefore lots of opportunities and lots of potential for newcomers to the modelling industry. 

Modelling has an interesting way of opening possibilities of self-expression, boosting confidence, having fun whilst earning money. That’s why our female models enjoy being part of the Models Direct team and thrive on new assignments which open doors to networking and exploring other paths and routes such as TV and film work whilst being an out-of-the-box career that sets them apart from the crowd. 

We welcome models from all walks of life; different cultures and backgrounds regardless of age and size. We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion within our organisation. We have a very fun, hard-working and honest culture that is supportive of open communication and collaboration between our team, models and clients. 

If you’re ready for something unique, sign up with our top UK modelling agency and see what modelling is like for yourself.

Our no-nonsense approach backed with in depth knowledge and a pizzazz of positivity and encouragement is what our models love about working with us. You can read their reviews here to see what they say about us and life as a female model.