Deleting old baby photos from your ePortfolio

Babies are essential to a lot of modelling assignments.

Why essential? We have many types of models as our lists show, but babies represent a specific type of model where no other type will do.

Whilst we have plenty of modelling jobs where exclusive looks are not necessary (see commercial models) countless assignments call for models with particular features, with babies high on this list. Whether our clients are promoting toddler clothes, baby food or simply need an infant as a strong advertising hook, babies will always be “modelling gold” when it comes to our clients. They know this, we know this, and parents should also know this!

We always advise models to keep their ePortfolios up-to-date with fresh images, especially when they change their looks. Babies are no different except that, of course, it’s a parent’s / guardian’s responsibility to modernize their baby’s images (unless your toddler has an exceptionally quick grasp of technology!)

There are several factors that affect a baby’s height / length, including: gender, genetics, sleep patterns, nutrition, physical activity and overall health. All these aspects can alter a baby’s appearance, so it’s helpful to take photos when your baby is at their happiest, healthiest and most camera-friendly. It goes without saying that a baby or child’s health is the chief concern for any parent – irrespective of they’d like their toddler to be involved in modelling. A healthy, happy baby is a joy to behold, and the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities with us to make your baby the real star of a modelling assignment – whether as a one-off, or with a view of kick-starting a career.

Nature dictates that a baby’s weight and appearance will dramatically change over a short period of time. This is the main reason why keeping a keen eye on your baby’s development is beneficial for modelling.

So why should deleting photos from your baby’s ePortfolio be a regular practice for all parents? Consider the following:

1. A human’s growth rate is at the fastest during the first year.

2. Over the first six months, a baby doubles their weight. Extraordinary, if you think about it!

3. By the end of the first 12 months, most babies will have tripled in weight!

4. Hair growth is usually more prominent when a baby reaches 18 months to two years in age. It depends on genetics and hormones, but the emergence of thick hair is a massive factor on whether babies are chosen for certain modelling assignments.

Constant evolution of a baby’s appearance means that parents should regularly delete old photos. Accuracy is key, and it’ll pay dividends in the long run. We have plenty of clients on the lookout for perfect babies – Pampers, Boots, Mamas & Papas and Aptamil to name but a few.

Join us in helping your bundles of joy add to their happiness by becoming models. Their baby model application is only two minutes away!