How Do I Get Work?

We get asked this a lot! And we mean a lot! “How do I get work?” It’s a popular question and Models Direct thought we’d demystify any clouds around this burning question in this blog. We hope that you enjoy this read and that you can take away something, no matter how small, from the content. (Remember: if we’ve missed anything or you’ve thought, “Oooo, I’d love to ask something else,” then our expert team would love to hear from you!)

If you’re a budding, new or existing model, these steps are the same to get your modelling career rolling and for you to get noticed and get gigs booked. We’ll take a look at this question from the perspective of a newbie model. So without further ado, let’s go!

Select which modelling category you’d like to tap into

Did you know that there are many divisions in the modelling industry? No? Well, it doesn’t stop at fashion modelling. You have so many that you’re spoilt for choice and plenty that you or your agency can put yourself forward for simultaneously. There are commercial, editorial, fitness, fit, plus-size, petite, male, female, child, baby and even pet modelling to give as a few examples. So, think about which ones you’re most inclined to tap into, and hopefully from there, you can start to look for work.

Find a reputable modelling agency (like us!)

The right agency will do everything in its power to help you land gigs. Most, unfortunately, stick a load of images of their models online to appear as though they’re working hard. We call these agencies “showcase agencies” as that’s all they do – showcase their models but not do the hard graft of putting them forward for modelling jobs. A reputable agency will also verify clients, negotiate fees and be present at every touchpoint of the booking process. They’re there when you need them, and they’re there to help you find work.

Your modelling portfolio is key

If your portfolio is up to date, showing a nice range of versatile and diverse images, you’re onto a winning modelling document that will hopefully catch clients’ eyes who will take an interest in you. This space is yours and it’s in your hands to keep the content fresh, professional and true to life so that you can up your chances of being called for a casting or audition and eventually a role in a marketing campaign.

Keeping your online presence profesh

We’re all on social media but if you’re a professional model seeking networking opportunities (or any professional for that matter), keep your content clean, fresh and professional. If any agencies, clients or fellow models click on your Instagram feeds, they might take a liking to what they see and connect with you for collaborations and future projects.

Hang on in there!

Another tip is to not give up! It might seem like a long time coming but be prepared that landing a job may not happen instantly. More than likely, it’ll take time so in the interim, brush up on perfecting a good skincare and hair routine, exercising, healthy eating, positive thinking and modelling poses and expressions.

And there you have it, folks! How do you get work? Ultimately, by not giving up and creating a rhythm that works for you and around your other commitments.

Good luck, peeps!