Poses that Work for Photoshoots and Poses that Don’t!

Striking the perfect pose

Beautiful young Black woman modelling a modern silver choker or necklace with hoop earrings leaning over a table with her bare shoulders looking aside with a quiet smile

When modelling, standing in front of cameras or filming gear is the done deal which means that posing is one of the top skills you’ll be giving a try and cementing into your profession. Some work a treat whilst others…. hmmm, not so much! So in this blog, Models Direct want to work through this and help our soon-to-be and current talent learn and master top-notch poses whilst unlearning some others that don’t get heads turning for the right reason. Whether you’ve got a child model, teen model, or you yourself are a female or male model, or perhaps you’re in your senior years, this blog will help with ideas you can try out at home. Let’s go!

Modelling poses that we swear by

Natural standing pose

Sometimes the most natural-looking poses are the most eye-catching. That can certainly be said for this simple and effective look. Stand tall, relax those shoulders and put a small bend in your knees as you look on in confidence. This pose is a sure-fire winner.

Handing over a good pose

You can illustrate another great pose with one or two of your hands. They could either rest on your hips, or you could fold them, or pop them into your pockets, or have them touching your face, neck or hair. It’s up to you!

Portrait of red haired young guy in jeans jacket standing over white background and shrugging

Tilt your body

Positioning your body so that there is a slight angle is another great pose to master. You can have one leg in front of the other, tilt your hips forward or move your head to one side to draw attention to different angles.

Crossed legs

A winning pose is the standing and sitting crossed legs. Typically, if you start by standing and then placing one leg in front of the other, you can give the illusion of having a taller height.

Walking or movement

When you’re on the move, either walking or within your space to pose, you can capture the light to create wonderful poses. Swift movements or you can keep your pace steady and really concentrate on your facial expressions too.

Poses to avoid

Forced poses and smiles

It’s not great to be forced to pose or smile. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to mask so it can become quite an obvious task. You’ll want to avoid this one though if it can be helped. Naturally, you’ll be asked on cue to pose but appearing forced won’t be appealing or convincing.

Stiff poses

Rigid looks are a big no-no. Why? Because they’ll make you look uncomfortable. We don’t mean to sound harsh but chances are, the stiff look will make viewers feel uncomfy too so avoid it unless instructed by the filming director or photographer.

Double chin

Some of us have a double chin and there’s nothing wrong with that! It happens for many reasons. But if you’re posing, tilt your head slightly higher to lengthen your neck, and if you don’t have a double chin, still keep that neck long.

Avoid exaggerated looks

Again, unless otherwise instructed, steer clear of exaggerated looks because some poses don’t need to be dramatic and fake.

Round up

Modelling means creating poses. Some are flattering whilst others don’t create the desired look. If you’re on an assignment but are unsure of which poses to do, don’t be afraid to ask the director or photographer for guidance and support. Keep it real, keep it simple. Above all, enjoy your time.