Your Guide to Child Modelling in Seven Steps

Have you considered putting your child forward for junior modelling but have been unsure about how it works and whether your little one will enjoy it?

If so, this Guide to Child Modelling in Seven Steps should hopefully shine a little more light on it for you…

1. Suitability

Most children will really enjoy child modelling. They enjoy the fun of doing something different and the opportunity to see themselves in the final campaign, promotion or advertisement. Read the reviews from other parents to find out what other child models enjoy about working with us. As long as your child is confident, sociable and able to listen then they should be suitable for assignments with Models Direct.

2. Clients

Modelling jobs for our child models may be with all sorts of clients, from supermarkets and high street stores to companies providing services for families. Most of them have worked with us before and we always research every new client and every assignment thoroughly before sending one of our child models along.

3. Process

The process of working with Models Direct is simple. You fill in our form and send us an image of your child and then we will contact you and explain in much more detail how the process works. This is your opportunity to ask questions. If you decide to stay with us, your child may be put forward for any jobs for which he or she meets requirements. Our clients contact us requesting certain kinds of child models (ie a four-year-old boy with black curly hair and glasses) and we offer them a selection to meet those requirements. They then make the final choice. We then contact the parent to see if they still wish to accept the assignment – and, if they do, we remain in contact with them from that point on to offer them support and deal with any concerns.

4. On the day

You will be told where to take your child and when you need to be there. You will also be told what they should wear and whether you need to bring anything additional. We always advise you to arrive in good time and to take spare clothes, as well as books, games and snacks for your little one. When you arrive you will be well looked after by the crew. Everything will be explained to you and you will find out when your child will be needed. Refreshments are often available and your child will be given ample opportunity to rest between shots. You may wish to take some behind the scenes photos of your own to show us.

5. Afterwards

We will ask you to let us know how it went and whether your little one might be keen to take on another assignment in the future. You will be paid within a few days of completing the assignment.

6. E-portfolio

Throughout your time with Models Direct you will be asked to ensure your child’s e-portfolio is kept up to date with new photos uploaded regularly – this is because we and our clients need to see how your little one is growing and changing.

7. Building a strong relationship

We go on to build strong relationships with many of our child models – some start with us as babies and are still with us as teenagers! It is important to us to ensure all our models are happy and therefore we always explain to parents that as our journey together continues they must always feel able to contact us with any concerns or questions.