Working as a model – what’s involved

Working as a Models Direct model isn’t a one dimensional job. There are many aspects of a model’s working day – a far cry from a traditional temp job. Whilst there are models who accept more assignments than others, some models are perfectly happy accepting jobs on a temporary basis. That’s an important point for potential models out there: we’ll never discriminate any model for refusing a job which they’ve been offered. But modelling is definitely unlike most temporary jobs.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what it’s like to work as a Models Direct model.

We do things just that little bit differently, so we already stand out from other modelling agencies. Models should know that:

1. We don’t charge for professional photos. In fact we recommend that when applying to us, simply take two clear photos with your Smartphone. Then, when you’ve completed your application with us (which only takes a couple of minutes), you’ll be primed and ready to go.

2. We don’t charge for portfolios. We leave that for other agencies who promise the Earth and give back little in return.

Portrait of cute African-American girl looking up at camera and smiling wearing knit hat and sweater on warm autumn day

3. We charge an admin fee to have models on our books. This could be either for one year, or for two or three years – the choice is totally up to the models.

Once you’re a fully signed-up Models Direct model, our in-house booking team work hard to find the right models for our clients. This happens whenever a client sends us a brief, which is several times daily.

If your profile fits the bill and attracts the attentions of clients, we’ll contact you to see whether you want to accept the assignment. If not, we’ll get back to the client and keep looking for more suitable jobs.

What’s it like to be on the set of a brand working with professionals? The first word is: enjoyable. We don’t heap pressure on our models, and we expect them to have lots on fun on assignment. As the hundreds of reviews of working with us and our clients prove, a happy model tends to work better with photographers and other professionals behind the scenes. Like we said, it’s not your typical job.

We’ll give you all the necessary information before your big day (usually a draft of the day’s schedule), and you’ll be met by a contact at the client’s location.

From there, you might meet assistant managers and executives, as well as stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists. You’ll be given clear instructions, what the clients need from you and, of course, when you can take your lunch break!

Working as a commercial model is incredibly rewarding and is paid well. The fee is dependent on the client, as budgets differ from brand to brand. The fee is not paid by the hour; it’s a lump sum upon the completion of the assignment, paid by us within 5 working days. Have a look at some fees here to give you an idea of amounts. 

You may gain useful contacts whilst on assignments, either with other models or within the client company. We encourage anyone working with us to make as many friends as possible and to save their personal details for future contact. The more people you meet, the better; you may even meet friends for life. 

Putting in the effort really does pay off.