Male models of all ages needed

We’ve been placing thousands of talented male models with our clients for many years. It’s one of our fortes, and we show no signs of slowing down. When clients approach us looking for the best male commercial modelling in the UK, they come directly to us. We can provide clients with a list of ideal models from which they can pick from, so they know we’re the most reliable service in the country. Efficient, easy, quick and dependable – our clients have relied on us for more than 32 years.

If there’s one obstacle we occasionally need to overcome, it’s that sometimes we need even more male models to cope with the demand. It’s a nice problem to have. But that just means there’s even more opportunity for new models.

Our diverse range of clients don’t have to work with us; they could source their models themselves. But as a government-regulated employment agency, we’re the first step in finding them the models they need in a timely fashion.

Male models represent an important part of our business. They’re crucial to endless modelling campaigns, each with a separate point to get across to their target audience. Therefore it’s just as important that we represent male models of all ages right through to 90 year olds. 

For more mature male models, clients such as insurance companies and retirement homes are particularly relevant. They regularly approach us with briefs, seeking older commercial models to engage with current customers. A notable example is Abbeyfield retirement village – with a growing collection of homes, their target audience is thousands of older individuals. They rely on us to present them with a number of talented older models, which is something we can do in a matter of hours. No fuss, all delivered by our efficient team.

Yardforce is an internationally-recognised brand making garden equipment and power tools. Though their devices are used by everyone around the world, they asked us to provide a male model in his prime to illustrate the brand’s versatility. They chose Neil, who rocked the assignment with safety goggles and a chequered shirt: standard garb for garden work.

Without an impressive inventory of models, we wouldn’t be successful. Also, our clients would question if we could provide them when they need them. We’ve always gone beyond our expectations to deliver the right models to our clients; it’s what we do on a daily basis and we’ll continue to do so.

We’re calling for more male models of any age to satisfy the growing amount of client briefs we receive. It works out for everyone involved. Brands can expand by shooting more marketing material; more models can taste success working with professionals in all parts of the UK; and we’re constantly fulfilling our obligation to put the right models with the right people.

Whether you fancy yourself as a fashion model, plus-size model, or as a sport model, apply with us and you could look forward to adding your modelling evaluation to our 5 star male model reviews.

With our clients constantly on the search for outstanding male models, there’s no better time to do it.