Model Directs ‘go-to’ beauty products

It’s a fairly girly team here at the Head Office of  Models Direct, with a few boys in the mix too,  you can imagine there’s a lot of discussion on the latest beauty products, fashion fixes and food choices – so here is our pick of Model Direct’s top beauty products:





We are loving the Bumble  and Bumble Haircare range, particularly the Quenching shampoo!  It leaves your hair super soft, without feeling  weighty and smells delish too!

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Model Brides & Grooms by Models Direct

Recently  Models Direct supplied two models for a bridal shoot with Jury Inn Hotels in Leicestershire! A bridal shoot can be quite daunting,  to be working so closely with another model you may not know can be lots of fun, but also nerve wracking!

Our Models, Elle and Phil were amazing and the Models Direct team received great feedback from the client – Congratulations to you both!

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What can i expect when being signed with Models Direct?

What type of work can I expect when signed by a commercial modelling agency like Models Direct?

 In the commercial modelling industry there are several different types of work you could be considered for.  At Models Direct we represent models with lots of other talents too, so can provide models to s varied selection of clients across the UK.

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Disability Modelling with Models Direct

With the competitiveness of modelling world today many disabled models may be overlooked but at Models Direct, our policy is to offer all our models the same opportunities whether disabled or able bodied.

In addition to the everyday modelling assignments which are open to all disabled models, we have clients who want models to advertise disabled promotions or to sell specific disabled products. Although, as in the world of sport which has embraced disabled people for many years now, within the fashion and modelling industry we are learning that whatever disability you have there is a need to be inclusive when it comes to disabled models and not just to advertise wheelchairs!

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The ‘Burton Family’ secure their 2nd assignment with Models Direct!!








We are delighted for the Burton Family who have just successfully completed their second assignment as a family for Models Direct – Congratulations to you all!

The assignments team at Models Direct received a booking enquiry to find a  family to feature in a video shoot for a charity fundraising video for the NSPCC,  the enquiries we get vary so much,  but Molly knew who would be ideal for this particular job!

The Burton family secured the job and were fully briefed on what they needed to know, by Molly at Models Direct. The video they’d star in was for the NSPCC’s ‘Messathon’ charity fundraising video. Various footage would be taken of them all taking part in messy, muddy, outdoor activities in a park – how easy can it be!

The dress code was comfortable, neutral clothing that they were happy to get muddy!

As you can imagine the Burton Family had a blast, were super tired, but still managed to send the Models Direct team a little video telling us all about the fun they had!