How can I make a great video showreel? Our suggestions and ideas…

A showreel can be a great enhancement to your modelling e-portfolio and we would always suggest that anyone eager to feature in film makes one.

Perhaps you have a dream of ultimately ending up in big screen film or television – or perhaps you are keen to promote your skills in front of a film camera for modelling work.

Our many and varied clients often require models of all ages, looks and types to take part in their filmed advertisements, campaign material and promotions.

And if they can see just how much you shine out within a moving image then you stand a much greater chance of being selected by them.

So what suggestions do we have for would-be models and actors who have never made a showreel before?

1. Look online to see examples of other people’s showreels. You want to draw ideas from the very best showreels and also consider what you feel doesn’t work very well. Watch lots of different examples and make lots of notes.

2. If you have existing sections of film that you want to include – perhaps from work you have already done – then think carefully about which footage to use. You want to use the sections that will most appeal to the people offering the kind of bookings you would like to accept. Resist the temptation to include everything. Just select the best bits.

3. If you are making a showreel from scratch and do not yet have professional material but want to show yourself moving and interacting with other people in different settings, think about how you can do this. Perhaps select a couple of outfits and ask a friend to film you modelling them. Smile, laugh and change your position as you move, so we can really see what you look like.

4. Make an impression at the beginning of the showreel. Start with the footage you think has the most impact. Then try to keep it engaging throughout. Consider how to finish with a memorable section as well. After all, you want people to remember you.

5. You do not have to pay for a professionally made showreel. There is software that will work on most phones, tablets and laptops these days. Have fun playing about with your showreel. Ask friends and family for advice. Keep it short and sweet, lively and interesting and update it regularly by adding new sections as and when you have them, especially if you complete assignments for us that involve video work.