Size Doesn’t Matter After All

With such a huge focus on healthy living across the media it is surprising to learn our waistlines are getting bigger and that the plus size clothing market is worth approximately £5 billion and continuously growing…is it any wonder brands are desperately seeking the next top plus-size model?!

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What exactly is a commercial model?

Aspiring models can often be confused in exactly what a commercial model is and what requirements a commercial modelling agency will be looking for  – Models Direct are a commercial modelling agency and explain what their dedicated team are looking for on a daily basis.

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Celebrating Model Curves

At Models Direct ‘size’ is not an issue, it’s all about talent, striking features, attitude and determination – that’s what our bookers are looking for!









With the modelling industry evolving it’s refreshing to see that curvier models are now featuring on the covers of International magazines and it seems the hour glass figure really sells – curves are being celebrated by big brands around the world!

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Models Direct love your #bts pics!!

Models Direct have models out on assignments  most of the time and all over the UK…..

Therefore it’s impossible for a member of the Models Direct team to be at every assignment, so the Assignment Coordinators here are always asking our talent to take behind the scenes pics (obviously with permission from the client!!).

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Keep Your Portfolio Fresh & Up To Date With Models Direct

It’s super important to make sure the pictures Models Direct are representing you with  show you at your best!!

You may feel that you have kept them up to date, but remember when you are being put forward to clients it is along side other models, so to give yourself the best opportunity of being selected you need  great pics!

Also our looks change, hair colour & length, size,  tatoos, facial hair,  etc. It is essential that junior  and babies pics are updated every 3 to 4 months to  represent them as they grow.

Models Direct is designed so you have control of your e-portfolio and therefore can log in and update your pics , add more to show  how versatile you are , also add showreels and videos!

Modelling is competitive so if your determined to make it, then give yourself the best possible shot at it!!


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Models Direct talk Plus Size Models at #LFW

With London Fashion Week taking place right now  there is plenty of discussion about  ‘Plus  Size Models’ and ‘Body Confidence’, it’s a huge subject and something that the Models Direct team have  to discuss daily with our clients and new faces joining the books!

People may be surprised, but the average size  for females in the UK is size 16, do we feel the ‘majority’ are being represented successfully in the fashion world??

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‘Be A Success’ With Models Direct!

Discover How To Become A Successful Model With Models Direct!

Models Direct has been successfully representing and promoting models for 26 years! Every day our team of dedicated Assignment Coordinators are providing our clients with the ideal model(s) for their next commercial, campaign, promotion or photoshoot – check out Model Direct’s top tips to help make this happen for you!

  • Confidence.  Clients are looking for someone who is confident and can sell a product convincingly. If you’re not naturally confident, consider using one of the many self-help books or CDs available that can help you to build up self-confidence. To renew your confidence in your looks, remind yourself of compliments you’ve received from others.
  • A ‘thick skin’.  You must be able to handle the rejection that every model faces, while still putting yourself forward whenever there’s a chance of getting the job. You can’t expect to meet the expectations of every client. Try to think, ‘It’s good if I get the job, but if they don’t want my look I won’t feel bad about it’.

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Different Modelling Jobs at Models Direct

When the word ‘modelling’ flashes in the minds of people, many will instantly think about catwalk and fashion runways. These types of modelling jobs are just one of the many types of work available to people ready to make it big in the fashion industry.

The industry is very dynamic and trends are constantly changing, however at Models Direct  modelling agency we notice there are some types of modelling that are popular year in and year out. These are hair modelling, range modelling, body parts modelling, photographic modelling, child modelling, lingerie and swimsuit modelling, and plus size modelling.

plus size model

Plus size modelling is on the increase

If you want to compete as a hair model you must really have a natural, genetic lucky edge over the competition. This type of modelling job can be quite rare and you need to be experienced in other areas to have a chance of getting in.

Another type of modelling job is child modelling. This is one of the most popular fields now with young mothers who want their child to become a star. Also, many companies use babies and children to represent innocence and honesty to the consumer.

Baby and Child modelling is very competitive and obviously their looks change quickly, so it’s essential parents keep their baby or child portfolio up to date so the agency can represent them as their looks change.

Feet and hands of a model

Have you considered foot or hand modelling?

At Models Direct we often get requests for particular body part models, ie, hand models, feet model, leg models, so you can have just one strong feature to be a successful model. Modelling jobs for body parts models generally pay £100+ per day, but with great representation and a lot of experience, some people can ask for a lot more than that.

There is now a big demand for plus size models in the industry. Brands are now embracing the different shapes and sizes of their consumers so therefore need to use models that represent their customers. Plus models are generally size 14 and above.

Models Direct also represent Fitness models, these models will generally be very comfortable to model gym wear and have a toned and muscular physique.

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Who do Models Direct represent?

Models Direct   represents amateur and professional talented men, women and children of all ages from all over the UK and Europe; Singers, Models, Dancers, Entertainers, Musicians, Actors, Pets and Promotional staff.

Models Direct have always tried to represent the widest possible selection of people from across the widest area. This is a key difference between us and local agencies: local agencies get only local work enquiries, while we field enquiries from clients worldwide.

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Models Direct represent plus size models

Plus size modelling is now big business for model agencies and the world of modelling. At Models Direct we have a great selection of plus size models.

Today you don’t have to be a size 0 to become a model; many women who are size 14 and upwards are becoming successful female plus size models.






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