What is Success to You?

They say the road to success can be tough – but for many the journey can be as much fun as getting there…

But everyone’s definition of success varies and before you start reaching for the stars, it might be worth deciding what yours is.

We all know the names of many successful models – those who appear in top fashion magazines, on catwalks and on our television screens.

But there are many, many more male, female and child models, who are also highly successful but about whom we know much less.

This is because they all have their own goals and – despite not necessarily having all the trappings of fame and fortune – they are extremely content in their work and in their work-life balance.

With modelling – as with any career or pastime – it is seriously worth thinking about what your goals might be.

Models Direct encourages all its models and would-be models to pause and mull over what they deem to be success.

And to ensure that while they aim high and set themselves challenges to aspire to, they also make sure they enjoy the ride!

Here are a few definitions of success you might like to consider:

Success is having a career or pastime I enjoy

Ask yourself what you want to be doing and how much you want to be doing it. If you are at school, studying or have another job you enjoy, then a little modelling work here and there may be perfect for you. Equally, perhaps you would like to build up to a full-time career in modelling, and eventually reaching that goal will be when you decide you have been successful.

Success is earning money

We all need money and sometimes becoming a model can bring in that little bit of extra income that makes all the difference. On the other hand, you might decide that you would eventually like all your income to come from a modelling career and that you will ultimately decide you are successful when you are able to earn a certain amount by doing a job you really enjoy.

Success is having my family and friends around me

For many of us, this really is the most important thing in life. We want to forge lasting friendships and to be part of a happy and loving family. This might mean having children of our own or enjoying strong relationships with our parents, grandparents and other relatives. Perhaps it means eventually being in a long-term relationship with a partner, husband or wife.

Success is being happy and healthy

This is one we should all also aspire to perhaps – after all, being happy and healthy are among the most important things in life. Maybe we should all take a step back from our busy lives to consider how healthy we are and what we can do to make ourselves heathier. And if we are on an ongoing push to the top, then we should also draw breath and assess our happiness. And, if we realise that we are actually unhappy in whatever we are doing, then perhaps we should decide to make some changes.

Success is being famous

Many people define success as being famous, but is achieving fame really the pinnacle of success? Think of everything you might lose, as well as gain, if you become famous: your privacy, perhaps, and the freedom to be yourself at all times? For some, however, fame is everything and certainly if that really is your top goal in life, then you have to start somewhere….