How our booking team works

The theme of this blog is quite obvious, but we feel that both our models and clients should know what our booking team does, and how we operate…

In short, we remain at the top of our game in the commercial modelling world, supplying the best models to the best clients. Like a Formula 1 car stocked up on the highest quality fuel, we’ve been purring along nicely since 1990, and there are no signs of a shift in momentum any time soon – even taking into account the uncertainty the pandemic brought us. The industry is currently in a terrific position, thank you very much.

We work with some of the most prestigious firms in the country, from film companies to high-profile brands, from established PR agencies to experienced photographers. If a professional needs a commercial model, we’re the first port-of-call for our clients. Aside from the largest selection of models anywhere in the UK, it’s our booking team that often reap the plethora of accolades from our clients, and is thus the main reason why clients get in touch with us before any other agency.

So, whilst it’s evident that we’re a godsend to clients when they need  models for their marketing campaigns, it’ll be beneficial for all involved to know exactly how our booking team works to ensure our client’s campaigns are as successful as they’ve been since we first started operating.    

First of all, finding the right models for the right promotions doesn’t happen by sheer good fortune. Our booking team consists of a tightly-knit squad of professionals who have been surpassing other agencies for years. Industry-led knowledge is a fundamental quality that is learnt and used to deliver results; our clients know this, so they depend on us to put forward the most suitable models.

Simplicity coupled with expertise equates to a simple process. The following steps can be used as a general template to illustrate how our booking team operates:

1. Our client (let’s call them Quality Brands Ltd (QBL)) devises a wickedly-effective promotion. They have most of the components to make it work: a budget, a game-plan, a photographer, a film crew on-hand if required, a PR company to help reach as many people as possible…but, wait…where are they going to find the “stars of the show” – the people to appear in the promotion? Sure, they have their own staff, but their campaign needs to sparkle with professional creativity. Not just anyone will do. So…

2. …QBL knows that a commercial modelling agency is their best chance of success. So who better than to contact us – Europe’s no.1?!

3. Our booking team receives the brief from QBL. They are looking for two female models – one in their twenties, and one in their fifties – to portray a daughter and mother.

4. Our team sets straight to work, keeping in mind where QBL’s assignment will take place. We place models all around the UK and beyond, but sometimes a local model is the wisest choice – especially at times when time is of the essence (meeting deadlines happens to be one of our many strengths!).

5. We consult with our database of talented models, taking into account QBL’s brief.

6. We make sure the models we shortlist are available (say, in this instance, five or six). We then put forward the models to QBL.

7. Once QBL comes back to us with their top two choices, we arrange the assignment with our models.

8. Information we’ll give our models include: time, destination, initial meeting contact, client’s name, travel information / arrangements / schedule if the client provides one, fee, and any special features (e.g. safety procedures, nearby emergency contacts etc).

9. Our team likes to keep in touch with the client during the assignment, but if they’re too busy, we always follow up after the assignment to receive their feedback – and, of course, the model’s.

10. Job done!

11. We can then take a deserved coffee break and read the glowing feedback.

It’s also important for our clients to know that we:

·   Keep prices at a competitive rate.

·   Go above and beyond our duty.

·   Are keen to develop new relationships with clients…which begins by clicking on the link below:

Don’t be shy! If you need the models to make your campaign a winning one, your success starts with Models Direct.