How to say 1000 words silently

Images appear infront of us all the time, on social media, commercials and in magazines, each image attempting to catch our eye and prompt us to buy, it’s clever stuff, but who is behind these creative images and how are they produced?

Photo-shoots consist of a creative team, the size and experience of the team can vary depending on budget, location, brand, etc. Larger budgets will afford a stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and assistants, however this is not always the case! We do know it will always include a model and a photographer.

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Sit Back! – Models Direct will do the rest…..

The Summer months are an exciting time for the assignments team at Models Direct – lots of outside photoshoots, filming and events take place throughout the season and so it’s super busy for us!

The Models Direct Assignments team are receiving enquiries everyday from clients looking to book talent for their latest campaign, advertisement or commercial all over the UK. The more details the client gives the team the easier it is for them to provide a search of the ideal models to the client, fitting the look, location, personality or skill the client requires.

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