Spring into action – it’s time to take new photos!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your modelling portfolio up to date…

With the new season comes the opportunity to freshen up your photography, liven up your e-portfolio and focus on new beginnings.

Spring is always an exciting time, but this year more than any other we will all be breathing a huge sigh of relief as the weather starts to warm up and life hopefully loosens up a bit – creating lots of new modelling opportunities!

With the new season often comes a new look – perhaps this year you have lovely long hair, following lockdown, or you have braved a home colour kit and gone for a daring new shade.

Perhaps you have ordered some gorgeous new spring outfits online and would like to be seen in one or two of them in your new pictures?

Or perhaps you just fancy some different shots out in the fresh air, against a simple and very natural backdrop.

At Models Direct we love to see your new pictures – and we know our clients do too – but please remember to give us the right kinds of images.

It is vital to ensure your photography meets the right standards otherwise you could find yourself losing out on some exciting assignment opportunities.

Read our modelling advice and follow our top tips, however, and you won’t go wrong.

Here are just some of our helpful photography suggestions:

·  You don’t need professional photos but do follow our advice on taking shots.

·  Take your pictures in good natural light.

·  Keep your background simple and not overly cluttered.

·  Dress in plain colours and clothes that are not too patterned or fussy.

·  Keep your make-up and hair natural.

·  Don’t wear sunglasses or too many accessories.

·  Give us portrait (upright) shots, with at least one close-up and one full-length.

·  Ask someone else to take the pictures or use a tripod – no selfies please.

·  Show us your new hairstyle, tattoo or piercing if you have one.

·  Don’t edit or filter your images.

Our team of agents are always here to give you any guidence you may need, but by following these helpful tips we know you can create some incredible portfolio pics and we can’t wait to see them!