How To Save Summer ’21

Can we save summer 2021 after the devastating year we have had? Models Direct believe we can! Our modelling agency takes you on a short journey on how you can save this year and make it the best so far! 

Do something for YOU

Sometimes we can feel that we are operating for everyone around us. There is always something to do for someone else. Hey, that’s life – full of responsibilities and duties to fulfil. However, taking a step back to do something for ourselves isn’t being selfish – it’s about valuing our own needs to promote effective self-care and self-love (without feeling guilty about it either!). Discovering something new or revisiting an old hobby that we’d forgotten about is one way to start to do something for ourselves. 

Cast your mind back – did you find yourself stepping in to be a hairdresser, barber, beautician, dentist or teacher (or maybe all!) during the three lockdowns we’ve faced? Did you enjoy any of your new, fun roles? If you’re unsure, maybe speak to a friend or family member to bounce some ideas off. Perhaps applying to become a model could be a thought. Campaigns are requesting modelling talent regularly – maybe it’s your time to shine on camera? Get in touch with us to find out more!

Surround yourself with positive people

Moving forward with positive people around you can help this year feel like a better year than the last. It is difficult to always maintain a positive mindset and it isn’t humanly possible to be constantly happy go lucky but if you actively surround yourself with positive people and people who bring out the best in you, stick with them! They will help you journey through a more productive and happy year. 

Spend your time wisely on social media

We live in a digital age where our devices are our go-to tools for many of our daily activities. With this comes social media and as great as it is, it can also be a time-consuming distraction and a bit of a pain really. It’s easy for us to say to limit your time spent in front of a screen, we’re all guilty of this, but if you want to save this year like the superhero you are, start it off by reducing your time on social media so your time doesn’t slip by on trawling through pointless and unrealistic feeds. 

Be grateful for each day 

Being grateful can lead to a more positive outlook. It can reinforce new and improve existing relationships. Taking a step back and looking at what you have within yourself as a person and around you can help you feel more grateful for what you have been blessed with. Keeping a gratitude journal can be a good way to record how you are feeling every day. 

Positive affirmations

If you’ve not come across positive affirmations before, not to worry – we’ll tell you all about it. Affirmations are short but powerful statements that can help you rewire your mind and rid yourself of limiting beliefs about yourself. This could be anything from, “I believe I can achieve whatever I want,” to “I am confident and strong!” Repeat these positive statements till they stick and become second nature to you. Write them down on post-it notes and stick them around your home or in a journal to remind yourself to repeat and believe. 

As you walk away from reading all this, we hope that these suggestions help bring you a brighter and better year.