Socialising – what does it mean to you?

Most of us are social creatures who love to spend time with our friends, family and work colleagues.

We like to chat about our pastimes, share our interests and listen to what others have been getting up to in their lives as well. There’s no doubt at all that we have all been able to do much less socialising this past year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And, despite hooking up more by phone and video chat, we are all probably still feeling a lack of face-to-face social contact.

The good news, however, is that the world around us is opening up again.

Not only can we now meet more of our friends and family members outside, but we are looking forward to meeting them indoors too.

We will soon be able to book a table inside a restaurant, have a glass of wine inside a bar and attend weddings, parties and other celebrations to catch up with those we have been missing.

Modelling is a particularly sociable business and although we at Models Direct – and our clients – have continued to work as best we can, we do realise the social aspect of the job has been affected.

We – and our clients – have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone, from our models right through to our staff and the crew, who has worked on assignments for us this past year.

Social distancing and other measures have been taken, including using models who live together in social bubbles wherever possible.

But we realise it is not the same – and we look forward now to a time this summer and beyond where we can all work together in a much more natural way.

We want our new and existing models to be able to get out there and interact with those around them.

We want them to have the experience of getting to know the other models on a job, as well as the photographers, directors, stylists and other team members.

Modelling is fun and can be a great pastime or career for anyone who enjoys meeting new people and engaging in new experiences.

Filming work for a campaign, promotional modelling and lifestyle assignments can all be ideal for anyone who describes themselves as a “people person.”If that is you, why not make the most of your newfound freedom and take an exciting step towards work that is as sociable as it is fun and interesting?