Deborah’s 2 years at Models Direct

Deborah takes us through her modelling experiences from a photo shoot promoting a Sony camera to modelling in designer clothes.

She joined the modelling agency Models Direct 2 years ago and has gained confidence and had a lot of fun  as well as making new friends.

Deborah’s top advice for new models:

So go for it, don’t be shy and you never know what you’ll get out of it and at the end of the day it’s worth doing isn’t it. You’re not losing anything, so just go for it.

Watch Deborah on her modelling assignment for Wex Photographic…

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Models Direct gave me a modelling experience I will never forget

Arun found himself with a modelling experience he will never forget when he took part in his Models Direct booking.

I really enjoyed my day modelling, it was a experience I will never forget! In this assignment I had a very good hairdresser cut my hair for me at a event which was promoting there products and he was teaching hairdresser techniques in how to cut hair better.

Hairdresser clients come to Models Direct modelling agency looking for models to teach, train and show off their latest creations. Long hair, short hair and crazy hair are all called for along with all the different types of hair from thick lushes locks to untamable frizz frenzies. They use all different types of hair models to perfect their cutting skills.

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Modelling Megan on Models Direct

Now that heading may sound like a tong twister but Megan has no such troubles when she tells us in her review video about her experience of being model with Models Direct modelling agency.

She describes her modelling assignment as fun, enjoyable  and ‘pressure free’ and recommends Models Direct to people like her, students, as it fits in around her studying and university commitments.

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