Fashion Model Vs Commercial Model

Everybody knows about Fashion Models, they are in the press and media constantly and often have celebrity  status’s themselves earning thousands, but what about Commercial Models?? What do they earn and what can you expect?

There is a big difference between fashion and commercial Models, Models Direct represent both, but don’t tend to often work with high fashion models.

The most common form of modelling is commercial modelling, where models advertise and represent products. Commercial models may be used to convey a certain image about a product. The good thing about modelling within this sector is that physical requirements vary depending on the client, assignment and product. Each individual product will require a different image, story and look in order to appeal to their target audience.

It can be difficult to know what commercial models can expect to earn and it can vary hugely! Earnings can change depending on many factors, models experience, length of assignment and client budget. Commercial models can expect to earn anything from £150 to £1000’s !

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Models Direct’s ‘Cat Model’ Stars in Latest Felix Campaign

Earlier in the year Models Direct received an enquiry looking for  black and white cats to star in the new Felix campaign – Molly was straight on to the case!

Models Direct are delighted to be able to represent Starpets, and receive a growing amount of enquiries from Companies, Productions Agencies and Casting Directors all looking for the perfect ‘pet’ to use in their latest advertising campaign , commercial or photo shoot!

When the Models Direct team work with models we make it our business to speak to them lots and spend time understanding their personalities, what they want to achieve in the industry and the type of assignments they’s like to do, as you can imagine, working with animals can be very different and there’s no telling how they will react to filming situations on the day of a photo shoot!

Three of our cats  were selected for the Felix shoot , Molly was delighted to be able to contact the owners and give them the good news, that their cat would be modelling for one of the UK’s largest cat food brand!

Here is the feedback from the owner of one of the cats, who stole the show on the day:

It was a really good day – there were initially three cats including Bo cat, but he ended up stealing the show and the guys decided to use him for the majority of the shoots that day. He did really well and was very chilled, so we got loads of good stuff out of him! The team were all really accommodating and great to work with. Thanks to Molly at Models Direct for sorting it all out and making everything run smoothly.”

Here are a few final images from the shoot:






If you think your pet has what it takes to be a model, then have a look at where you will find all the information you need!

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Cute final images with Models Direct!

Everybody loves their pets and now designers are becoming much more aware of this fact we are seeing lots of new  brands appearing making beautiful pet accessories!

It’s a big market that is growing all the time and with people  now being so much more image conscious it’s more important then ever to ensure your dog is sporting the latest collar, lead, coat, jumper etc..

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