Modelling…a flexible career choice

Exciting times ahead…it may still be slightly clouded due to how 2020 has been so far, but it’s given us all a chance to reset, evaluate and perhaps decide to live our lives a little differently…?

Modelling has always been a flexible career choice, if you love being infront of the camera, using your acting skills and working amongst creative people, then it could be the perfect career path for you. As a commercial model you are in control of your diary, what assignments you decide to take on and along with your agent, negotiate the rates you’d like – sounds good to me!

Yes…it’s competitive and doesn’t come with guarantee’s, but it’s like everything in life, the more you put in the more you will get out! It’s now easier than ever with all the great technology and social media we have at our fingertips to get noticed and Models Direct have 30 years experience of connecting models with clients, so we know what we’re talking about..

For any successful model, whether it’s in the commercial or fashion industry your portfolio is key…getting this right along with having a great agent will create many opportunities for you and kick start your dream modelling career.

Follow these simple steps to having the perfect modelling portfolio:

  • Wear something simple. Clients want to see your potential, so try to wear something plain but also flattering. A white t-shirt and jeans are always a good choice and keep your look clean and simple – don’t over complicate things!
  • Wear minimal make-up. A full face of make-up has a time and a place. Stick to flattering neutral shades and work on accentuating your favourite facial features – clients want to see your features and how diverse your look is, so don’t cover up in layers of make up.
  • Use natural light. Natural lighting is the most flattering, so try to position yourself near a window or outside if possible. The time of day will affect the type of lighting, this can make such a difference to your images, the best time of day is early morning or late afternoon/eve when the light is much softer. This will avoid squinting, harsh light and shadows.
  • Use a good camera. A lot of phone cameras have excellent cameras nowadays but, if possible, it’s always best to use a high-quality DSLR camera they will really pick up all your features and details and ensure the images are of a hhigh quality and size so they don’t become pixelated or out of focus when sent out to clients.
  • Don’t forget your background. It’s important you give some thought to the background of your images, keep it plain and ideally light in colour, this will make you stand out more which is essential when you are being put forward to a client amongst other models. Plain walls are best!
  • Take close-ups and wide shots. Your portfolio should have an effective selection of images on it, both headshot and full length. To be a successful commercial model you need to be able to portray different characters and looks, this needs to come across from your portfolio.
  • Practise your posing. Overly-pouty lips may look great on Instagram, but they’re not going to cut it in the modelling world. Remember your images are being sent out to large International brands who have high expectations, your images need to reflect that. Practise posing in the mirror; clients will want to see your relaxed face, as well as shots of you smiling and your personality coming through.

If you are thinking about pursuing a modelling career, perhaps you would like to take a minute and read our models feedback of their assignment you a real insight into what it’s like as a part-time model.

If you are on the Models Direct books and have perhaps neglected your portfolio a bit, now’s the time follow these simple steps to boost your chances and make sure your full potential is being seen…our bookings department is getting busy again, shoots are happening and now is your chance.