Cool Creatures – Top Tips for Keeping Your Pets Cool

We might savour the arrival of hotter weather, but some of our furry friends may well not agree with us as scorching days just leave them feeling hot and bothered…

With the warmer weather here it’s important we don’t forget our furry friends and make sure they’re as comfortable as possible and get the pampering they deserve, here are a few useful ways to ensure your pets stay cool this Summer!

It is vital, of course, to ensure any animals are never enclosed in hot spaces, such as cars, caravans or small rooms, without ventilation.

And, whatever the weather, our perfect pets always require good access to plenty of fresh water.

Those with cat, dog or other pet models will be used to transporting their furry or feathered companions and should be well practiced in ensuring they are comfortable.

For other animal lovers, it might be more about looking after their little friends at home or keeping an eye on them while out and about in the park on sizzling hot days.

When it is especially warm, you need to ensure they aren’t overcome by the heat: cool them down and rehydrate them if they seem overly lethargic or wobbly on their legs, for example, or if they start to pant excessively. 

If they become sick, unable to stand or even unconscious, however, you should call your vet immediately as heatstroke can be fatal.

Here are some top tips to help keep your pets cool, healthy and happy:

  • If you cannot find a suitable patch of shade for them outside, then bring them inside on very hot days
  • Keep a particular eye on any long-haired pets, as they fair less well in the heat
  • Take plenty of water and a bowl with you when you go on dog walks
  • Cool very hot pets down by pouring cool (not icy) water over their feet or standing them in a bucket of cool water 
  • Spraying cool water over them too might help – your cat won’t like it, but it could help to lower her temperature
  • Choose the coolest times of day to take your dogs out for walks or to travel with your pets
  • If you have a very pale cat or dog, they may need sunblock on their ears and noses if they are out in the glaring sunshine on a blistering day
  • Make sure rabbit and guinea pig hutches and pet carriers are positioned in the shade
  • Try elevating hutches and pet carriers to ensure a good stream of cool air
  • Give your pets plenty of wet food, as well as water, because this will also help them to stay hydrated

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