Top tips for body confidence

Body confidence isn’t something that comes easily to us. We’re human – we judge ourselves and scrutinise aspects of our bodies that we aren’t happy with. Does not feeling body positive sound familiar to you? It’s a common feeling that creeps or leaps into our minds and can be quite consuming, eating away at how we feel and view ourselves and our bodies.

Body confidence is an important topic which we’ll talk about here, lending advice to everyone, whether you’re a model – current, soon-to-be or not. It doesn’t matter, to be honest – we hope this reading will benefit everyone reading it.

Can we ever be body positive?

Do you hate it when the summer comes and you don’t know what to wear? You would rather sweat it out than wear something that might even give a sneak peek of your ankles! We know the feeling!

Gaining body confidence is achievable (even if it’s hang-ups about your ankles!) but you’ll need to work at it, a bit like exercising but exercising your thought process. Those niggling thoughts can persistently whisper in the background. Utterly annoying, right?

We deserve to cheer ourselves on because only we can turn our feelings around. We’re unique creatures but mustn’t destroy even a nugget’s worth of positive emotion we have towards ourselves. Those nuggets are precious gems which can then snowball into something bigger, something much more liberating and powerful. Being accepting of who we are and being true to ourselves is the key to freeing our minds of negativity towards ourselves and in turn, just loving who we are! We want to look in the mirror and say, “wow” no matter what! We know it won’t always happen but we can certainly give it our best shot. 

2022 should be your year of trying to love who you are and letting go

Whether that’s letting go of thoughts, ideas, routines, habits and maybe people that bring you down, this year and for the many years to come, should be about enhancing your thought process and promoting body positivity for you and those around you too.

How can we be confident about our bodies?

Here are some ways you can capture the essence of this hot topic.

Positive affirmations

We have thousands of thoughts that run through our minds every day. It is estimated that 50,000 (some sources even state 70,000) are processed so you can say that our brains are prettttty busy! Unfortunately for us, around 70% to 80% of those are not the good ones according to Sarah Lambersky’s Financial Post article. They’re negative, therefore need zoning out and managing efficiently. Can we do this? Yes, of course, we can. It’s no easy task for one person but it’s not impossible either. Positive affirmations can be the beginning of that journey. Repeating only good words to yourself over and over will embed reinforced good thoughts where confidence will come more naturally to you. In the end, hopefully, you’ll give yourself more hope, determination and self-love.

Show yourself that you care

The idea of self-care might not come easily to you especially if you care for others more than yourself. But you matter! You have a right to take care of your thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas. Learn to love yourself and your body better. Appreciate yourself, your skills, your abilities, your successes and your accomplishments! You are amazing!

It’s me-time

How many times a day do you take time out for yourself? Once? Twice? Maybe no time whatsoever? Well, it’s time to make a change and dedicate some valuable me-time because you deserve to reconnect with yourself. Find yourself, who you are, what makes you tick, what you like and don’t like (preferably not your body), and unleash your confidence, drive and zest for life.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. Let the negativity fizzle away and enjoy life with a more positive outlook on your body.