Male modelling

Every man has an inner model in them.

Not a fact, but it’s probably not far from the truth.

Commercial modelling is easily one of the most achievable pursuits for all – adults and children alike. Experience is not required, and the opportunities are huge. We receive many requests for models throughout the UK, with males in the 18 – 80 year old bracket a key part of our business.

A lot of males think that fashion modelling is their perfect job, but it takes enormous dedication and a large slice of luck to achieve the heights enjoyed by only a handful of models. Plus, knowing the right people always helps, which puts many individuals at a disadvantage straightaway.

There are plenty more opportunities for talented men in a number of other sectors. Most TV adverts and catalogues which feature models are commercial models, each with their individual looks and skills, and each posing as real-life people to appeal to the general public. This is the essence of commercial modelling: gaining the attention of the wider population to get their products or message across. And that’s why commercial modelling is a realistic chance for anyone to do well on the set of a professional shoot or film.

Experience is not necessary. What is necessary if models want to work with the largest brands is giving themselves the very best chance of being seen. This is where we come in; by joining us we’ll put models forward to our clients whenever their looks are asked for. Think of us as a professional filter, minimising the chances of models being left on the slush pile, never to be seen by those who make the final decision – the clients.

Male modelling is pretty competitive. That’s because so many companies know that real people in their marketing strategies make for the most effective campaigns. No frills, no substitutes. It’s another reason brands come to us in the first instance; we respond to all modelling requests in a timely manner, showcasing the best selection of commercial models anywhere in the UK. We haven’t let any client down so far, and we intend to keep our solid relationships going.

Modelling is fun and can be partaken part-time – almost on an ad-hoc basis. If we contact a model with the news a client has chosen them for a particular assignment, the model may decline the offer for whatever reason – no pressure, and no prejudice. We’ll just try equally as hard to secure another assignment for that model. Many of our male models are perfectly happy to take part in a few jobs, whilst others prefer to use us as a stepping stone to a bigger career. Either way, we have the most experience and contacts to place models with some of the biggest names around. It’s been that way for a number of years, with Models Direct soaring to the top of modelling agencies. We attract big names, and it’s our responsibility to keep it that way.

We welcome any male model to get in touch with us, and we encourage them to explore our website for any additional information.

We look forward to welcoming you into our modelling fold.