Modelling in Your 30s

Who says you can’t model in your 30s? Not Models Direct!

You’ve hit another milestone in your life – you’ve now reached your 30s – wohoo. You’ve journeyed through life so far for three decades, hopefully dreaming, believing, achieving and you can continue on your quest to achieve more! Thirty years down, so many more to go!

You’ve probably grown as an individual where you know what you want from life, but if you don’t, that’s okay too. You might be figuring out the things you want and perhaps the things you want to leave behind. You’re evolving and reinventing yourself – could be inside and out. Wherever you are in life, Models Direct are here. We’ve been around for the past thirty years, so a little after you were born. We’re that modelling talent management agency plenty of people have been daydreaming about but might have missed. Our goal is, despite your age, that you can break into the modelling industry with no sweat.

Why? Don’t we prefer younger models?

Nope, we really don’t. Your thirties are a glorious decade full of lots of magical things that happen to you as a person. You will create a healthy balance of family and friends in your life, have greater work satisfaction (as you’ll know when to say no to work burnout), be willing to travel more, take exercise seriously and on the whole, actively take care of your mind, body and spirit. How could we turn down such a milestone decade for younger models? We couldn’t and we don’t and luckily our prestigious clients don’t either.

The brands, companies and businesses we work with ask for models that fit into every kind of category you can think of. Newborns through to seniors, people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, beliefs, occupations, social status and even sizes. Pretty incredible, right? We like to be modest, but we honestly cater for all types of communities that make up our population and we represent fairly. So, none of this: you gotta be stick thin, malnourished, sky-scraping tall with out of this world skin, plus very young.

We look beyond the modelling stereotypes

Models Direct know that life just ain’t like that. That’s not how it rolls and wouldn’t it be incredibly unfair to expect everyone to fit within the tight criteria of looking perfect. We’d like to think that we can all rise above the modelling restrictions and stereotypes embedded within the industry. On a positive note, they are slowly moving towards more realistic expectations. Our number 1 UK talent and modelling agency has always been moving much faster (which we’re super proud of!)

Dream big, gain extra skills and earn money; become a Models Direct model in your thirties. If you wanna check out our socials to get a bigger picture on what we’re about, head on over to Facebook and Instagram to see more – videos, reels and images. Our reels will have you head over heels with the super concentrated content about how our models’ assignments are getting on, on the ground to cover the work they’ve been up to via Models Direct. We want our audience to see what it’s like working with us and what better way to present that than as a video footage directly from the model’s point of view. We don’t edit the videos in any way so it’s 100% authentic and genuine means of self-expression.