Mature modelling – here are five reasons to give it a go!

Our older years should be our golden years – and the perfect time to discover new experiences and exciting pastimes.

When many of us become either semi or fully retired we are able to find the time to do more of the things we haven’t been able to when we’ve been so busy working.

We spend more time with our partners, our families and our friends and we are able to concentrate more on the hobbies that we have previously squeezed in whenever we have had a spare hour.

But some of us are also eager to experience something completely new – we fancy trying an activity we have never done before and perhaps challenging ourselves in different ways.

This is the point at which many of our mature models come to us!

There is high demand for senior models, men and women to take on the roles of older people at work, during their leisure time or with their families in advertisements and campaigns.

This is because our clients and other companies like them are becoming increasingly aware that older people are extremely important consumers.

Not only are there products and services that are specifically aimed at older customers, but furthermore, this section of the population represents a huge swathe of the money-spending public.

So why do our mature models love modelling with us?

Well, don’t entirely rely on us to tell you! You can read what they have to say for themselves on our website.

But, here are five of the reasons they tell us they love mature modelling:

1 They enjoy travelling to places they have never been to before.

2 They get to meet new people of all ages and from a range of different backgrounds.

3 Modelling is a completely new experience for them – and they find it fun.

4 They like the opportunity to earn a little extra money every now and then.

5 It fits in well with the other commitments in their lives.

If you are an older man or woman and would like to find out more about working with us, then fill in our form and upload a photograph.

And we will get in touch with you to explain more about Models Direct.

This is what Lynne told us after her booking with us:

I had a really great time yesterday on set at Overstone House with another few newbies.

The staff were fab and laid on a really good buffet lunch. The photographers were very patient with us and I think they got some really excellent shots!

All in all it was just a really good experience. Thanks Charlie!

And this is what Rosamund said:

The day of filming exceeded all expectations and I felt so comfortable from start to finish.

I hadn’t realised how much I’d enjoy the experience and the friendly chat between the client, the photographers and the models kept a smile on my face all day!