Teen modelling

Our fabulous teenage models are always surprising us with their talents.

Maybe “surprising” isn’t the right word, as they’ve been on top of their game for many years now. It’s never a bad time to become a teenage model, as our clients know. Teenagers are an essential part of several types of modelling campaigns, and their popularity has never wavered. With their fast-changing looks and limitless appetite for new experiences, teens are vital to brands looking to get their products and messages across to a wider audience.

As we’ve been the leading commercial modelling agency in the UK for some years, we know just the right type of teenagers that are always in demand. We’ve built strong business relationships with thousands of brands, and they come to us in the first instance whenever they need a particular model (or groups of model). They rely on us to get their promotions and campaigns off to a winning start, and that start often comes in the form of putting forward models for them to choose from.

Teenagers are no different to adult or baby models in that respect. We closely follow a client’s brief to recommend the models we think will be the most beneficial, which in itself is a fantastic reason to join us as a model. Clients come to us – not the other way around – so registered models always have the very best chance in securing top modelling assignments. There is no third party involvement, and all our clients have been stringently checked before we commit to anything.

Applying with us couldn’t be simpler. We just need a couple of photos that can be taken with a Smartphone, and two minute’s of a parent / guardian’s time in completing the online application form. This is vital, as joining an agency shouldn’t be done on a whim. Teens should discuss it with a parent, and they need to know that gaining regular work isn’t guaranteed, as the final choice has always been the client’s. However, teens will be in the best position to be presented to well-known brands throughout the country – and all for as little as £1 / week. It beats paying for expensive photographers or joining insincere setups that promise work with absolutely no intentions of finding models work; not all agencies do this, but there are some around.

Teens have many experiences that contribute to their growing list of life skills: physical development, experimentation, mental maturity, strengthening of social awareness, promotion of work ethics…this list goes on. These can all help anyone in their teenage years with modelling.  Teens can make new friends on set and gain contacts to help boost their fledging careers. Plus, we encourage all teens to be accompanied by parents or adult chaperones whilst on assignments.

If you’re curious about some of the types of teenager looks that have landed modelling jobs, take a quick look here. As you can see, just about any teenager with the desire to become one our next Models Direct models can realise their dreams. The teenage models here were definitely pleased they applied with us.

We’re here to present the best teenage models to our clients. If you or your parents / guardians have any queries about us or the commercial modelling business, you can contact us anytime during our opening hours here at Models Direct Head Office in Norwich.

We look forward to seeing you.