Fancy morphing into someone different? Our Edinburgh model did just that !

Well, who wouldn’t like to be someone else for the day – or perhaps just for the afternoon or evening?

Dressing up may have once been child’s play but these days it has become more popular with people of all ages as even adults are eager to pull on a costume and have a little fun!

Headquartered in Edinburgh, Morph Suits offers a whole range of fantastic and wonderful fancy dress outfits, from Halloween costumes for kids to all sorts of outfits for adults.

Its all-in-one colourful morph suits, crazy inflatables and light-up outfits have become all the rage for young people to wear to festivals and gigs!

And for kids, there are all manner of Halloween outfits, party costumes and items of clothing and accessories for stage plays and shows.

They can dress up in everything from fairy wings and tutus through to furry onesies and cuddly animal outfits.

As well as posing for photo shoots for the Morph Suits website and other publicity material, male, female and child models can also be required for fitting sessions.

And this is exactly what little Aydin was asked to do.

He went along to a fitting session in Edinburgh and was paid by the company to try on outfits to help them find out which ones worked well and which ones needed adjusting.

He enjoyed the new experience and afterwards one of his parents told us:

“We were given a last-minute fitting.

“Charlie was great with providing information and details and anything else we needed in relation to their client.”

Aydin, we are glad it went so well for you – you did a great job!

And if there are any other parents of Edinburgh youngsters out there who think their little ones might also enjoy this kind of modelling work or other very different assignments, then they should read some of the other reviews from parents on our website.

To learn more about how we work and the possible modelling opportunities there are in Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland through us, just fill in this form and send us a photograph.

We will be in touch to tell you more!