Keep Your Kids Fit During Lockdown

We all know how important exercise is for our physical and mental health but ensuring your youngsters are keeping fit during this difficult time can be a real chore.

Whether they are child models or simply lively little ones, you will want to find increasingly innovative ways of tiring them out.

Try finding programmes and routines online that they enjoy, and you can make a regular part of your day.

Body coach Joe Wicks is leading daily PE sessions live on YouTube throughout the weeks that schools are closed.

If these do not suit your child, however, browse YouTube for other videos that might.

Where possible attempt to lead them in an exercise session every morning and afternoon.

Once a week take them on a long walk through the area surrounding your home and allow them to take turns in deciding which route you will follow.

Try taking them out on their bicycles while you are walking or running – you will find it easier to ensure they are social distancing and they will enjoy the fun of it.

Time them while they do laps of your local park or playing field either on their bikes or running.

If the space is fairly empty, you could even set up a makeshift obstacle course by suggesting they run around certain trees, posts or benches as they go.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or outside space, then try setting up an obstacle course there too.

You could also play mini tennis, badminton or keepie-uppies if you have the right equipment.

Try encouraging them to take part in at least two of these shorter sessions during the day at home.

When the weather is poor or you feel a change is in order, why not switch some music on and organise a dance-off.

Keep them interested by playing different kinds of music and perhaps even teach them some funny dance moves.

Organise a daily competition to see who can do the funniest dance throughout an entire song.

Take turns at leading a PE class of your own at home. 

Let each child plan and lead a class once a week. Everyone else has to join in and follow the moves.