The Model Well-Being Routine During Lockdown

You might be feeling at a bit of a loose end and craving some structure to your days right now, or maybe you are looking for some new ways to relax and look forward to life after lockdown.

In this blog Models Direct suggest some ways you can add structure to your days, find relaxation, calm anxieties, be as productive as possible and ensure you’re getting the self -care time we all need right now…

Check your morning routine

As tempting as lounging around in your pyjamas all day might sound, sticking to a day as close to your usual outside routine may be a helpful start. Begin your day with getting ready and dressed in your casual wear. Sounds simple but it’s really effective. Your attire will help you to stick to a day and night routine. Here are a few more ways to invite a nice little morning routine into your life to drive away any anxious feelings. 

1. The power of a shower

 A great way to kick-start your day (as it would be to unwind too) is to a have wake-me-up shower that will help you feel refreshed and ready for the day. Models who have fast-paced lifestyles will know the importance of starting their day in this way. 

2. Keep a journal 

Take a journey of journaling by jotting down how you feel each day. Also, logging your daily activities and setting goals for each day is a great way of tracking how you are spending time. Going back to basics and using a book dedicated to this is worthwhile. There are plenty of apps too which can be downloaded for free if you don’t have a spare book handy. 

3. Listen to relaxing music 

Sitting back and soaking in some gentle and relaxing music when you get the chance is another great way to say goodbye to any nervous thoughts. Put on your favourite unwind music and let the anxiety float away. 

Now onto your evening routine 

Most of us will either be working from home now; parents of child models will be home educating their little ones or others will be fixing their homes up now that there’s plenty of time to catch up on all those odd jobs. It could be that you’re juggling all three things and more so what better way to end your day by dedicating some well-deserved downtime. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. The warmth of water 

Ending your day off with a bath (or shower) could be a perfect way of distressing and boosting your well-being during the unpredictable time we are living. You can opt for bath or shower oils which contain essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or ginger. They can help wash away any muscle tension and smooth out stress so that you are ready for a good night’s sleep. 

2. Set your little sanctuary up

Make your sleeping quarters an inviting space to be so that you’re able to drop off to sleep speedily. Switch your linen regularly so that the smell of freshness lingers into your dreams. Plumped cushions and pillows, cosy soft blankets and spraying the room with mist, candles scents and fragrances before settling in can help bring about calmness for a sense of well-being. 

3. Soak your feet 

Give your feet a nice soak in lukewarm water. Adding in extra accessories isn’t necessary, you can keep it simple with a few drops of oil (coconut, olive or almond which tend to be existing kitchen oils). Foot models will know how having a soak benefits the skin whilst being a great relaxation technique. 

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