How do you feel about travelling abroad?

With the recent travel chaos at the airports over the Platinum Jubilee weekend, there’s been a real bustle of getting out there now – and we don’t just mean out there, we really mean exploring the big wide world, and living our best life. Let’s face it, we’ve had a tough couple of years and we really deserve it. No more cancelled flights though, please!

If you’re on a quest to tour a life-changing international destination this summer, land on relaxing beaches, explore attractions and learn about wildlife sanctuaries, then a vacation is definitely on the cards. Your expedition doesn’t have to be flashy, you can get a great budget holiday by looking around and booking in advance, and really enjoy the experience of going abroad without the price tag. We’re ready, are you?

Places to visit

You can explore hundreds of countries, with almost 200, the world is your oyster. We’ve picked just a few out to give you guys some inspo and some gems to discover this summer:

Malaga, Spain

Brittany, France

Umbria, Italy

Phuket, Thailand

Akyaka, Turkey


St Lucia

These go-to destinations are definitely worth visiting, from luscious tropical foliage, watching sensational sunsets, enchanting panoramic views, dipping into picturesque pools, inviting peaceful mornings and disconnecting from the rush of everyday life. Our hot picks are great to spend some time unwinding and recharging your batteries whether you’re travelling by yourself, with your partner, friends or family. Perfect for little ones, children and teens too, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone.

Our international projects

Our agency isn’t new to international modelling projects. We’ve been around the world including the romantic and breath-taking landscapes of France for successful projects. Now that we’re all able to move freely again, these projects are popping up and we’re looking for models that are ready for something big and impactful. Are you interested? 

The holiday takeaway

So, how do you feel about travelling abroad this summer? Positive, we hope! Have your backpacks, gear and luggage (not to miss out on essentials like your camera, selfie stick, tripod and holiday wardrobe) on standby, and join Models Direct with our travelling arrangements that might land you in exotic lands and waters. This is the summer you don’t want to miss out on!

We’re ready for action; no more being held back and being told we can’t, thank you very much. We can and we shall! Live your best life, and get on board with our modelling agency. If you’re not sure, head on over to our library collection of reviews so you can get a better idea of what life is like as a Models Direct model. If you need to speak to our team, please reach out to us over the phone or email and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat.

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