Your Guide to Aeroplane Skincare

Are you anticipating a recipe for complexion disaster because of the high altitude, recirculated air, low humidity and UV exposure whilst jet setting? Wherever you choose to go, Models Direct are here to help with a handy flight-proof skincare guide to keeping your skin feeling healthy, fresh and radiant. If you’re a model, say a solo model or part of a family modelling team, and you’ve been booked for an international assignment, this one’s for you!

Dryness is a common complaint
So, why does it happen? No matter where you’re seated on a plane, you’ll face the lower humidity levels that cabins typically experience every time rather than when you’re feet are on the ground. That skin-tight feeling begins once the moisture is drawn out and leaves you high and dry.

Breakouts? Why, oh why?
When you think that having parched skin is the only skin problem you’ll face thousands of feet up in the sky, we’re sorry, models, but it isn’t! Your skin can go into overdrive, much the opposite of it being dehydrated, where your oil glands (yes, oil!) can overproduce sebum to try and counteract the moisture-quenching action of the flight but do something quite different. The extra sebum can clog pores and encourage breakouts which is the last thing you want stepping off a plane. Germs fest is present in the air onboard which can mean more risk of blemishes leaving your skin feeling unhappy.

Flying high with SPF
The higher you go, the more UVA rays increase and unfortunately an aeroplane glass doesn’t shield us from it. In fact, studies have shown that they double up when you’re in the sky so an SPF is an absolute must! Once every 2 hours will be perfect for perfect modelling and all-around skin.

Hydrate, and keep on hydrating
This one never gets left out – it deserves the top spot! Everyone knows how important it is to drink, plain, neat water. Whether you’re a model on the go trying to get to an assignment, on a set under the hot lights or on a long-haul flight, water is your hydration hero. Drink plenty to help your skin, clear your mind and keep you feeling fresh inside and out.

Travel sizes minis
Grab yourself your fav minis but don’t be tempted to transfer what you already have into another teeny container. You’ll be exposing your product to bacteria which will then go onto your face which is a big no-no. Compact products are perfect, they don’t cost very much either and do the job just as well as a standard-size product.

Cleanse away debris
With all the germs that have landed on your skin, it’s only right to get to your apartment and get cleansing. Twice. Just to be double sure that you’re skin is free of all the debris that it could potentially be home to. Cleanse, pat dry gently and apply that SPF again.

If you’re on a short or long flight, we hope that these four simple tips will help your skin feel fresh and look in top form so that if you’re booked to be snapped or filmed shortly after landing, your skin will glow and smile.