Family photo opportunities for our models and those considering modelling

We are about to enter a very busy time of year, especially for those of us who have families of our own or are part of larger family groups.

Those families who are already signed up with Models Direct and have perhaps taken on assignments for us will already have e-portfolios.

Those who have been mulling over whether or not to join us may be aware that if they do, they will need to complete this on-line portal which has images and information on it.

E-portfolios are absolutely essential tools for us and our clients – we open them up to find out more about our families and other models whenever someone similar has been requested for a booking.

We ask all our models to keep their e-portfolios up to date, with both photography and information, but we also stress this is an easy process and great fun can be had while doing it.

Taking new pictures for an e-portfolio can be a lovely family activity and we often suggest that you try to combine it with other occasions, changes in the season, days out or holidays.

So what family photo opportunities are coming up?

*Well, Halloween is almost upon us. Perhaps you and your family will engage in some fun Halloween arts and crafts or baking activities together – or perhaps you are going to a party. We love to see photos of models having a good time, just remember those disguises mustn’t be too good because we need to be able to see everyone’s faces properly!

*Bonfire Night is nearly here too and again you might be having family fun. Let’s see you out in your garden with your woolly hats on, all enjoying a special November 5th barbecue or perhaps at the kitchen table making fireworks’ cupcakes together. Just remember to think very carefully about lighting if you are taking pictures in the evening or at night and, of course, ensure everyone stays safe if you are in an environment with a bonfire or fireworks.

*Autumn walks can also provide great opportunities for family photos. Ask a friend or family member to take some pictures with the wonderful colours of autumn behind you on the trees in the park or wood as you stroll along or play games together.

*Then, of course, before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. This always provides a magnitude of opportunities, with parties, school plays, fetes and then the big day itself. It may seem very early, but why not start circling those dates as they appear in your diary if you think they might provide good photo opportunities? Once again, think carefully about ensuring we can see everyone clearly and keep your backdrops as uncluttered as possible. But do remember to give us a good idea of where you are and when – and let’s see everyone having a wonderful time together!