Does my pet have what it takes to be a model?

Oppawtunities !!

You’d normally associate models with humans strutting it down the catwalk in Milan, creating a demo for a beauty ad or even a glossy print in a mag, but what about another species taking the modelling world by storm?

If you’ve got a pet, and chances are they are super cute and sweet, could they become a model as well? The answer is: yes! Animals are featured across the board – in the digital world and print.

How can your pet step into this world?

Find an agency – a reputable one with a strong history of success stories. Our modelling agency, Models Direct, is one of them. We have plenty of modelling divisions to break into and yes, we’ve got a pet modelling section called Starpets, specially dedicated to all those adorable friends of ours with fur, feathers, spikes, shells and scales.

Don’t worry about Olympic-quality tricks, the industry is looking for animals with a great attitude, pzazz and just to be themselves.

Let’s get the ball rolling

Wondering what the next steps are? Well, you’re at the right place and at the right time. First off, your little champion needs to be accustomed to new settings. This can often mean chaotic production environments where there’s lots of hustle and bustle – plenty of new faces, noise, lights and ground to cover. If your pet is adaptable, social and trained to cope with the switch, then you’re good to get the modelling ball rolling.

Sit, stay, roll, play

If your pet can respond to your command, that’s even better! Being able to follow some basic commands can open the doors and enhance opportunities further but it isn’t a must-have skill set. Ultimately, animals are animals – they have minds of their own and have other skills such as being intuitive, smart, friendly and funny.

Calm in nature 

Having a super excited pet isn’t something unheard of and is certainly a great trait to have – it’s a natural disposition. However, when at work, pets do need to let their calm and sensitive side filter so that they can display all sides of their personality (even their professional one). Clients know that they’ll have to make provisions for bloopers and hiccups but overall, they’ll want their star of the show to be cool, calm and collected when the time calls for it.

Take lots of snaps

If your animal friend isn’t used to being in front of a camera with lots of noise and people walking about, then maybe it’s time you got them camera ready. Of course, not all animals are aware of exactly what is happening within their surroundings but you can start by getting them prepared. Preparation is key.

Hop, slither, stomp, leap, waddle or climb onto the modelling ladder

This tip can start at your home setting or a place they’re familiar with and with people they know. You can slowly introduce new people and different settings to spark a change and wean them out of their comfort zone. Hopefully, with time, they’ll get used to all the brilliant and different sights, sounds, smells and textures around them, and when you next say, “Sydney, get ready to say cheese!” chances are, they’ll know!

We give our starpets the best oppawtunities to be put forward to the best in the biz. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team for some miaow-tastic advice and room to explore a career path your pet could embark on, and of course, be paid for!