‘Be A Success’ With Models Direct!

Discover How To Become A Successful Model With Models Direct!

Models Direct has been successfully representing and promoting models for 26 years! Every day our team of dedicated Assignment Coordinators are providing our clients with the ideal model(s) for their next commercial, campaign, promotion or photoshoot – check out Model Direct’s top tips to help make this happen for you!

  • Confidence.  Clients are looking for someone who is confident and can sell a product convincingly. If you’re not naturally confident, consider using one of the many self-help books or CDs available that can help you to build up self-confidence. To renew your confidence in your looks, remind yourself of compliments you’ve received from others.
  • A ‘thick skin’.  You must be able to handle the rejection that every model faces, while still putting yourself forward whenever there’s a chance of getting the job. You can’t expect to meet the expectations of every client. Try to think, ‘It’s good if I get the job, but if they don’t want my look I won’t feel bad about it’.

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