Spring is here…time to grab your camera

Spring is in the air….it’s time to update your portfolio pictures!

With the longer days and a glimmer of sunshine, now is the perfect time to get outside with a friend or family member and start snapping some up to date pictures of yourself.

The quality of your images on your portfolio plays a huge part in your success as a model, client’s will be looking for someone who stands out, is confident infront of the camera and is versatile – all of these factors can be seen from the images you choose to upload on your portfolio. This is something the Models Direct team talk to models about often, it’s so important and can make all the difference to the success of your modelling career!

It’s not essential for the pictures to be done by a professional photographer as this can be costly, but they do need to be of a high quality to represent you in the best possible way. By updating your images you are making sure that the client will be selecting you from your current look and are seasonal too.

Top Tips to the best portfolio pics:

  • Make sure there is lots of natural light! Ideally take the pictures outside, but if this is not possible then ensure you have lots of natural light around you. Artificial light can create different tones, so try to avoid yellow tinted lighting or low lit areas. When taking photographs outside make sure there are no shadows across your face and that you are not squinting if looking into the sun. If it’s a particularly sunny day it may be best to take the the pics early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower and the light is softer.
  • Keep your backgrounds simple, busy backgrounds can detract from you and therefore you will not stand out so much to a client. Look for plain walls, or clear scenes where the focus of the image is you!
  • Think about what you wear for your shoot, make sure the clothes reflect you and you feel confident in them, if possible change a couple of times to show other looks, ie, a casual look, smart look, sporty, etc..
  • The quality of the photograph is important too, make sure you have the best possible equipment and the images are saved as large files, this will ensure the picture is sharp and avoid it being pixelated.
  • Try to relax infront of the camera, this is not always easy, but the more pictures you have taken the easier it gets and the more natural the shot will be. Ideally show your personality and style in the shot, this will appeal to the right client and hopefully secure you the type of work you want to do.

Our looks change, we may not think they have much, but for a client it is so important they are viewing models pictures that are current and are an accurate and true reflection of that model.

So what are you waiting for?? The sun is shining…..grab your camera and go and have some fun!! The Models Direct team can’t wait to see the results!!