Why Haven’t I Been Selected?

Not heard anything back yet from our team?

Are you feeling a bit disheartened? Maybe deflated? Not sure whether you want to carry on with modelling? This blog will discuss a side of this industry that might be brushed under the carpet. Instead, we thought it’ll be good to be clear and open about our selection process and why some models might be left thinking they’ve been forgotten about. Let’s dig deeper and discuss that burning question: Why haven’t I been selected yet?

Your beginnings

You took the plunge and thought why not give modelling a go? After all, an agency like Models Direct never says no to anyone. You’ve got nothing to lose but amazing experiences to gain, right? But hang on, hasn’t it been a few months since you applied yet you haven’t heard anything back?

You’ve been keeping your ePortfolio up-to-date, creative and upbeat. You’ve been on top of the latest fashion trends and all the modelling news there is, but you feel all of that effort hasn’t made a difference. You’ve even directly applied on our jobs board for vacancies that suit you yet you’ve had no response.

We wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. This is a common feature – it’s a natural part of the modelling process. Unfortunately, as much as all agencies would love to have all our models booked every time clients approach us, it just isn’t possible. Companies knock on our door with specific briefs they require from us and from our models. Prior to this, they strategically devise a comprehensive marketing plan and know exactly what they want.

As an example, this could be a request for a male model aged between 22-44 needed for a fashion show based in the UK (Yes, we’ve got assignments that span across the globe – local, national and international so things are happening at our MD HQ!)

And because it’s usually a very specific, to-the-point request, not everyone will fit the bill therefore, not everyone will get booked.

It’s difficult to say when your time will happen but we do everything we can.

As a gentle reminder, we wanted to let you know that, yes, this is a natural part of our modelling process. So whilst you’re patiently waiting, we’ve got a couple of tips to get you through the interlude.

Stay positive

This part of the booking process happens to everyone, you’re not alone. The key is to hang on in there The positive note is many of our lovely models do get repeatedly booked and have a frequent flow of work. Modelling work does come in waves and it’s always good to acknowledge this fact before entering the modelling hemisphere.

Our modelling coordinators work extra hard to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of being booked too. We love making our models incredibly happy and helping them get to experience new adventures (and get paid too!)

Keep updating your ePortfolio

Please don’t feel deterred from keeping your portfolio up-to-date and current with your look, style and personality especially when you’ve been waiting for so long. Chances are if you leave your portfolio to gather e-webs (our version of electronic cobwebs) you’ll get booked and wish that you had taken the time to spruce it up.

Chat to our team

If ever in doubt, please reach out to our team. We’re always a phone call and e-mail away from giving you advice and offering up the utmost amount of support. We want all our models to feel appreciated and driven, so if you ever feel otherwise, talk to one of our specialist coordinators to have a chat about how your application is moving forward. We’re a transparent agency and thrive on building the best communication with our models; we’re here whenever you need us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love MD x